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Why the internet is losing it over Kate's royally chic headband

The Duchess of Cambridge mixed things up for the glamorous event.

By Jess Pullar
If dressing up were an Olympic sport, Kate Middleton would be a gold medallist, and her wardrobe of dream-worthy threads is case in point.
We know what some might say of the feat - she's a royal, so of course she has some of the world's most coveted (not to mention priciest) designers scrambling to dress her for any and every occasion.
But sometimes, the Duchess likes to surprise us with a fashionable twist - and her latest style move has proved to us all that at the end of the day, she's just like the rest of us.
Attending the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall on Saturday, November 9, Kate rocked up looking as glamorous as ever.
Wearing a beautiful navy blue dress, which was fitted at the waist with a black velvet belt, the Duchess was glowing for the evening performance.
But it was her accessories that really had us ogling - and nope, we're not talking about the dashing Prince William she had on her arm.
Kate Middleton stopped us in our tracks as she arrived at the Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall. (Getty)
While many might take one look at Kate's array of stunning outfits and immediately assume they're entirely out of reach for us non-blue-blooded folk, there are exceptions.
Saturday night was case in point - along with a stunning set of pearl earrings, a McQueen clutch and a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes, Kate wore a headband... from Zara.
Yep, the Duchess paired her pricey accessories with an accessory that may well already be sitting on your bedside cabinet - the High Street label's embellished headband comes in at a comfortable AUD $33.
Granted we are gobsmacked. And thrilled.
Fan quickly identified this Zara headband as the very same sitting atop Kate's perfectly primped tresses. (Zara)
We can't blame Kate for wearing the trendy accessory - there's no denying headbands are having a major moment right now.
Indeed one would only need to look at the key trends from the Spring Racing season currently underway in Australia - headbands are front and centre when it comes to track-side fashion.
Kate's headband was bang on trend. (Getty)
But before we get too excited about Kate's epic Zara find, we've done some very important extensive research and found that it might be a touch difficult to get our hands on this specific headband Down Under.
But fear not - Zara, and other Australian brands offer styles very similar to the royal's, so we did some extra research to find ones that'll look just as royally chic.
Keep scrolling for our favourites!
ASOS design statement padded headband with luxe embellishment, $28.50. Buy it online here. (ASOS)
Izoa sheike Headband, $49. Buy it online via The Iconic here. (The Iconic)
Zara padded rhinestone headband, $39.95. Buy it online here. (ZARA)

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