Permission to SCREAM! Heidi Klum’s Halloween costume for 2017 is her most blood-curdling yet

BE-A-WERE! No, literally.
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Hey, and this ain’t no Mean Girls movie where dressing up as a sans-pants bunny takes the cake for Best Dressed (sorry, Karen…).

Nope, as Heidi howls/err, shows us, Hallo-fashion is all about fangs, fear and a sh*tload of face paint.

It’s official: Heidi Klum is the QUEEN of Halloween.

No, really – anyone who has an Instagram account would know that the ever-enchanting Heidi has been spooking, and seriously startling, the masses with her made-in-Hollywood Halloween costumes for more than 15 years.

WATCH as we look back at Heidi’s best Halloween costumes EVER. Story continues after this video…

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Stirring her costume cauldron for yet another year of kookiness, Heidi has moved on from some of her more memorable hell-raising costumes.

Yes, this year, the supermodel has ditched her ghoulish get-ups of the past by stepping into one helluva supernatural suit.

Uh-huh, Heidi Klum’s Halloween look for 2017 comes in the form of a…


But not just any hairy old werewolf… The famous werewolf from the Michael Jackson ‘Thriller’ music video, complete with spookified back-up dancers!

^^ See? Cady gets it.

STEP 1: Make-up, be gone!

Heidi starts by providing a blank canvas for her werewolf wrath.

STEP 2: Spooky #squadgoals

Team work makes the dream, or in this case, NIGHTMARE, work…

STEP 3: Apply gnarly gnashers

STEP 4: Petrifying prosthetics

Trick or… teeth? Heidi’s macabre molars make for one uncomfortable-looking addition to her spine-chilling attire. But, judging by Heidi’s eerily chillaxed demeanour, you’d never know.

Grab your pitchforks, people! Heidi’s showing us that adding false limbs and chins to your body DON’T just apply to becoming the likes of becoming Jessica Rabbit…

STEP 5: Abs more carved than a Jack-O-Lantern

You can say R-I-P to any of Heidi’s other creepy celebrity competitors’ costumes thanks to her ripped, rugged (and borderline repulsive!) rig. Without even seeing the freaky finished product, this devilish dress-up already takes out best/worst dressed.

STEP 6: Benjamin Button-ing times 1,000,000

Taking wrinkle cues from that time she dressed up as an elderly woman for Halloween back in 2013, Heidi’s terror-inducing make-up team put the final terrifying touches on their make-shift she-wolf.

STEP 7: The unwordly final product:

When it comes to Heidi Klum Halloween costumes, this has to be the scariest, most evil one to date. And despite scaring the bajeezus out of us, we’re suitably thrilled.

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