The $5 Fashion Week look you’ll actually want to wear – no matter what shape or size you are

Budget-friendly fashion that looks runway ready.
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If you’re anything like us, you’ll look at Fashion Week as a the ultimate window shopping extravaganza.

Gracing the runways are a slew of designer threads that look flawless, stylish and, admittedly, expensive.

And that’s why when we say window shopping is at a peak come mid-May each year, we mean it.

But what if we told you there’s a catch that could enable us all to wear some of the trendiest looks of the season without breaking the bank?

Well, look no further than our famous Aussie staple stores – Big W and K-Mart.

Yep, you read that right. These one-stop-shops are releasing ranges of fashionable looks that are taking the internet by storm – and their very cheap price points are just the beginning.

Indeed, the latest collections of winter threads have been inspired by global fashion trends, and start from five dollars apiece.

What’s more, the size range spans from a six to a size 26, meaning there’s something for every body shape and size.

Celebrity stylist Donny Galella is on-board, working with Big W to encourage women to embrace the runway looks in their everyday wardrobe.

“I want women of all shapes and sizes to experience this, so everywhere they walk – the office, school drop off, the park or even the grocery aisle, becomes a runway and they feel confident every day,” he says.

So what are the key styles from Fashion Week this year that we can dress in for less? Keep scrolling to find out!

Prepare yourselves Australia, Fashion Week is here, and you don’t need to break the bank to embrace it! (Image: Getty)

Animal prints

The first trend catching the attention of the masses is animal print – and not just because we’re seeing it in street style blogs galore.

Indeed animal prints are making a solid case as the trend of the moment, and Australian mums are here for it.

Taking to Facebook group B’ig W Mums’, one fan wrote of the leopard print skirt from the store’s collection: “I really loved this skirt, it was super comfy.”

Explaining that it has a stretchy waistband (win!) she said the style would look great with ankle boots or runners.

Retailing at $20, we can’t find a fault!

Leopard print is being seen on (and off!) the runway this year. (Image: Getty)

Big W’s leopard print skirt looks runway ready, and at $20, we can’t fault it! Buy it here. (Image: Big W)

Meanwhile, another mum was thrilled to find an adorable black and white animal print knit, which comes in a kids size, as well as her own!

“Absolutely love the matching jumpers!!” she wrote, alongside an adorable picture of herself and her daughter.

Costing $29, this one’s a total bargain for you and your kids!

Get it in a kid or adult size – this one’s sure to keep you snug in winter! Buy it here. (Image: Big W)

Trench coats

They’re a tried and true hero in any woman’s closet, and there’s no denying it – nothing beats a humble trench coat.

Seen thrown loosely over the shoulders of fashion’s elite at this year’s grand event, these coats provide practicality, as well as style.

While plenty of trench coats can be on a slightly pricier side (we’re looking at you, Burberry), Kmart have created a style for $35 that looks almost identical to those you’ll see worn by the personalities of page six.

Trench coats are the epitome of functional fashion at MBFWA this year. (Image: Getty)

And that’s why this Kmart trench, available for $35 is the perfect excuse to get on board! Buy it here. (Image: Kmart)

Bright and bold colours

There’s no mistaking it, because it’s glaring at us directly in the eyes.

Indeed colours bright and bold are all the rage at this year’s Fashion Week collections, and we’re on board.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of Aussie luxury brand Matteau and other style influencers, bright and bold colours can be worn dressed up or down, and they’ll always look chic.

And that’s why stores like Big W are getting on board – their new rollneck jumper in bright yellow mustard will only set you back $25 – but it looks like its worth a lot more when you consider how many of fashion’s elite are wearing the colour.

Aussie label Matteau showcased a bright yellow jumper in their collection. (Image: Getty)

This bright jumper only costs $25 from Big W. Buy it here. (Image: Big W)

It’s all in the accessories

If you’re feeling like your look is a little, well, beige, look no further than the myriad of accessories available from Australia’s most iconic budget brands.

Whether it’s hair ribbons, sunglasses, or even adorable mini-bags, there’s no denying that it’s all in the details at some of MBFWA’s most fashionable looks – and to our joy, there’s plenty of affordable dupes we can get our hands on.

For example, sunglasses can give you that perfect ‘je ne sais quoi’ vibe – and for just $5 from Kmart, this Fashion Week match up is truly made in heaven.

Retro sunnies are making a strong comeback at Fashion Week this year! (Image: Getty)

And like they were born for the runway, these $5 sunnies from Kmart make a style statement. Buy them here. (Image: Kmart)

Additionally, the regal headband might look a million bucks, but you can get a very similar version from Kmart’s range for only $5 too.

Headbands are having a major fashion moment. (Image: Getty)

And this simple, yet stylish Kmart buy will only set you back $5! Buy it here. (Image: Kmart)

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