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These $49 Coachella-inspired cowboy boots are about to become your winter wardrobe's best friend

Cheap and chic - count us in.

By Jess Pullar
For decades now, our favourite and much loved celebrities have made a case for Western and cowboy fashion trends.
We don't say that lightly. From Carrie Bradshaw's infamous cowgirl-hat run in with an ex on Sex and the City, to Prince William and Kate Middleton embracing the style in their adorably regal way (and you're welcome for the reminder that this actually happened).
While the style of clothing isn't necessarily everyone's cup of tea, there are plenty of styles that can add just a splash of a Western vibe to an otherwise ordinary outfit, and incidentally, it just so happens to be the look of the current season.
William and Kate give new meaning to Western chic. (Image: Getty)
And who could forget this iconic Sex and the City moment? (Image: HBO)
Enter the Western boot - winter 2019's newest, chicest and cosiest accessory.
You've probably seen it splashed across social media already, especially as the pinnacle festival fashion event of the year (aka Coachella) took place only weeks ago and essentially become a full blown advertising campaign for the style.
Just take a look at Bec Judd and her girl-crew she took along to the festival this year - have you ever seen more white, shiny cowgirl boots in one place? We think not.
Bec, second from left, fully embraced the white cowgirl boot craze at this year's Coachella festival along with her pals. (Image: Instagram / @becjudd)
But there's one catch: Boots don't come cheap, and even though they're often worth the investment, it can be hard to justify yet another pre-winter purchase while those patent leather boots you bought in the end-of-season sales last year gather dust.
Well fear not, fashion fiends, because we've found the ultimate pair of cowgirl-inspired boots that'll have you reaching for your wallet quite liberally - because they're only $49.
Yep, these puppies are available from Rubi shoes and basically look like a replica of the higher-end styles that'll knock you back several hundred bucks.
And sure, the quality of the Rubi pair won't be quite on the same level, but like many trend pieces, this style mightn't be as red hot in a season or two, giving you even more reason to opt for the cheaper version as opposed to spending up on a pair that you might not be wearing come winter 2021.
Hello, new winter boots! These trendy white boots are available from Rubi for $49.99. (Image: Rubi Shoes)
And if white isn't quite your style (or if you're fearful of a rainy day where the chances of keeping the mud from your new shiny whites are next to none), there's plenty of other options in that department.
The white Rubi boots also come in brown, maroon and black, or if you're down for a touch of print, there's also another trendy pair from Boohoo that's currently retailing at $47.40.
These Boohoo boots, available for $47.40, are guaranteed to make a statement this season. (Image: Boohoo)
For those that don't mind splashing out, there's also a style that offers a bit of everything - snakeskin, white and chic-ness to boot.
While they retail from Mi Piaci at the slightly higher price of $320, the drool-worthy style is one that would make the true Carrie Bradshaw in us all feel very content.
These Arabella Western Boots from Mi Piaci are all kinds of chic. (Image: Mi Piaci)

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