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PSA: Meghan Markle's favourite white coat is available at Zara for a fraction of the price

Just in time for winter.

By Jess Pullar
If you're anything like us, you'll consider basically anything worn by Meghan Markle as peak fashion inspiration.
The Duchess, who has garnered a loyal following of fashion-enthusiasts since becoming an official member of the royal family, has worn many an enviable outfit over her time.
From glamorous gowns, drool-worthy boots and accessories dripping in diamonds, her flawless style knows no bounds - and our eyeballs are eternally grateful for it.
Meghan's timeless fashion-sense gives us all kinds of inspiration. (Image: Getty)
And while the royal has somewhat of a head start on us normal folk, with a plethora of luxury designers scrambling to dress her in their dreamy creations, there are some tried and tested staple styles she's taken a liking to - and they're surprisingly accessible to all.
Enter Meghan's coveted white Amanda Wakeley coat.
Worn by the stylish 37-year-old on several occasions, the chic long-line cut, which Meghan opts to wear with collar inverted, practically screams pure, unfiltered perfection.
Meghan was first seen wearing the stunning coat on Commonwealth Day in March 2018. (Image: Getty)
Clearly it's one of her faves - she re-wore the style again at an Investiture event a year later! (Image: Getty)
There's just one small catch. The design itself doesn't come cheap, retailing for a cool $1,190.
And that's why on a recent scour of Zara, we discovered something that can only be described as pure gold.
Yep, while the mega-fashion store can sometimes be a little overwhelming with the sheer amount of styles and units screaming at you from every which-way, there was one piece in Zara's latest collection that immediately commanded our attention.
Notice anything interesting about this Zara concoction? (Image: Zara)
We're not kidding - this style is near identical to the $1,000 version worn by Meghan - only there's one key difference - it's a tenth of the price.
This royally-approved Zara coat will only set you back $139.00, available online right now - and trust us when we say it's worth it.
Spot the differences (or lack thereof) below:
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There's just one catch - you're going to have to be quick if you want your own - the coat appears to be selling out quickly!
What's more, with her Royal Baby announcement just around the corner and an inevitable surge in desire from the public to be across all things Meghan, we're envisioning this golden dupe of a coat won't be around for much longer.
We'll just be over here hitting "add to cart" now...
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