Here’s all the brands donating profits to the Aussie bushfire relief efforts

Every little bit helps.
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As devastating bushfires wage war on our beautiful country, people from near and far are flocking to support affected communities in any way they can.

And while it can seem tumultuous and heartbreakingly difficult to do something, anything about it, hope can still be found in even the smallest of acts.

Efforts made by some of the country’s most-loved brands are case in point.

Small acts of generosity can go a long way as Australia battles one of its worst crisis.


In the past few weeks as the bushfire conditions have worsened and spread, a new and inspiring wave of generosity has swept the country.

Organisations, celebrities and individuals have come forward to try to help in any way they can, and the efforts have been incredibly encouraging to see.

Amongst various GoFundMe pages, charity drives and incredible donations made by prominent celebrities, we’re also now seeing a number of companies donate huge portions of their profits to bushfire relief funds.

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Brands are rallying around bushfire relief efforts – and you can, too.


A scroll through Instagram will no doubt prove how many brands are keen to help out in any way they can.

And if you’re an avid shopper, or even just looking for ways to help those affected by the crisis, a great way to do it is simply by making purchases from these companies.

To help you identify which brands to buy from in order to support relief efforts, we’ve outlined a list of companies who are on board below.

In addition, on Thursday, January 9, more than 30 Australian retailers who collectively own more than 1,000 stores across Australia teamed up to provide 100% of profits from their sales of the day to the Australian Red Cross Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund.

The brands in the ALL IN initiative included: The Iconic, Abrand, Afterpay, Ben Sherman, Brixton, City Chic, Cue, Dr Denim, Farage, General Pants Co., Globe, Hush Puppies, Lacoste, Lee, Levi’s, Local Supply, Misfit, M.J. Bale, Nautica, Neuw, Nudie, Rodd & Gunn, Rollas, Speedo, Stussy, The North Face, True Alliance, Ugg, Veronika Maine, Wrangler and XLarge.

The profits from the day ensured trained staff and volunteers can continue helping relief efforts, said Red Cross Head of Engagement, Belinda Dimovski.

“We’ll also be giving out emergency grants to help people cover essential costs as they start to rebuild,” she added.

Keep scrolling to find more brands who are donating profits to bushfire relief funds, and follow the links buy from them.

  • David Jones: Accepting donations at store registers nation-wide

  • Hansen and Gretel: Donating all money spent on the ‘Shoalhaven Hat’ to relief efforts

  • Frank Body: Donating 100% of all global sales of A-Beauty Scrub to relief efforts

  • Friends With Frank: Donating $50 from every online sale to Red Cross (until January 14th)

  • CANNABELLA Infused Botanicals: Donating 100% of profits over the week to wildlife relief

  • Macgraw: 100% of the profits from the ‘YEAR SOS’ Tee will go towards disaster relief

  • Jaggad: Have set up a GoFundMe donation pool with all money raised going to the Red Cross

  • Camilla With Love: Donating 100% of revenue from Friday January 10 to relief efforts, also donating 10% of all of sales made within the first week of their new collection launching Wednesday January 8 to Fire Victims and Fire Emergency Bodies

  • Alex Perry: Donating 100% of all sales in store and online for the week to relief funds

Carou Jewellery: Donating 50% of all proceeds from their sample sale to WIRES

Good Pair Days: Donating all profits from the ‘Bushfire Support Box’ to the Red Cross

Blackmores: Donating 100% of all online sales to the Red Cross until Friday, January 10

She Made Me: Donating 100% of profits to the Salvation Army and WIRES

If your brand, or any brand you know of is donating profits to bushfire relief, please contact us on [email protected].

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