Some of our favourite Australian celebrities have had their homes threatened by bushfires

''My home is in the firing line''.

By Rebecca Sullivan
With Australia deep in the midst of a horrific bushfire crisis, it's become clear the lack of political leadership on the issue has led to a huge list of celebrities using their power and influence (as well as their personal checking accounts) to help those in desperate need.
But while celebrities such as Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban, Celeste Barber and Russell Crowe have pledged thousands of dollars of their own money towards helping others - and have also encouraged their millions of followers to do the same - they're also battling the fires on a much more personal level, with their family homes directly under threat.
While many of our A-list stars spend the majority of their time overseas, and have multiple homes outside of Australia, the homes they own Down Under are currently under threat by the devastating fires currently raging across the country.
They too have experienced sleepless nights and emergency evacuations as they seek shelter and safety away from danger.
We've been following along on social media as they've been keeping us up-to-date with the tragedy around their local areas.
Keep on scrolling to see which celebrities have been directly impacted by these devastating fires.

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