Here’s how this woman is changing cancer survivors’ lives

Meet the Nipple Angel.
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Shelley Black is The Nipple Angel.

A professional tattoo artist from Victoria, Shelley specialises in 3D nipple reconstruction tattoos for breast cancer survivors.

“After a career in the corporate world, I became very ill after the birth of my only child Bethany. I was misdiagnosed for a year, until a near heart attack prompted a GP to do some more testing, finally discovering that I had severe thyroid disease.

“As soon as I got the diagnosis I had to quit work for a while to go through treatment, including radiation treatment and then time to recuperate,” says Shelley who entered the Women in Business Awards in 2015 to boost her business.

“During this time I picked up a hobby to stave off boredom… that hobby was drawing. A very strange turn of events then saw me gaining an apprenticeship at a tattoo studio and seven years later I have my own boutique in Torquay, Victoria.”

Professional tattoo artist Shelley specialises in 3D nipple reconstruction tattoos for breast cancer survivors.

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Shelley says she specialises in tattoos for women who have had their nipple removed through cancer treatment.

But, because of the strict policy around nudity on social media, Shelley finds it increasingly hard to advertise her business as every image of her nipple tattoos are removed from Facebook or Instagram.

Watch the official trailer for Free The Nipple below. Post continues after video…

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Shelley’s not the only one, Instagram’s anti-nipple policy made an enemy out of Madonna in 2014 when her birthday pictures were pulled down because Madge was perched next to a topless woman.

“Instagram can take away our nipples but they cant take away our fun,” she wrote in a follow up post.

To see examples of Shelley’s wonderful work, visit The Nipple Angel.

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