This model bravely reveals her double-mastectomy in this truly powerful photo shoot

Claire Farwell, who was fortunate enough to beat breast cancer, has revealed the results of her double-mastectomy - and we couldn't think more of her.

A former supermodel who beat breast cancer has bravely revealed the results of her double-mastectomy in a powerful topless photo shoot.
Claire Farwell, 45, who spent most of the 1980s modelling with Naomi Campbell in Paris, decided it was time to stop hiding her post-surgery figure and start being proud of it.
In 2014, Claire contacted fashion photographer Byron Atienza and posed for series of arresting black and white photographs celebrating her new body.
And it's just as powerful today as it was three years ago...
"I realised I did not for one second feel any less of a woman from having my breasts taken away," Claire says. "I feel even more of a woman today than ever!"
"I don't look (at the photos) and say, 'I wish I had a nipple'. I don't have nipples and I've got used to looking like a Barbie doll."

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