5 of the best side hustles for women over 50

Easy ways to earn some extra cash.

If you’re looking for ways to spend your spare time now that the kids have flown the nest, or to add a little extra money to your savings and travel funds, a side hustle could be your answer. It could be something you’ve always dreamed of doing or a new-found hobby that could generate some extra cash each week.

Think of it as a “double life”. You could be a full-time accountant by day, and rideshare driver after-hours. Or maybe even a part-time receptionist with an affinity for mystery-shopping. Whatever you decide to dabble in, you’re going to need the perfect ride to zip around in.

You’ll want your new pursuit to stand out from the crowd so why not have the car to match? Think sleek and stylish, but with everyday practicality. Taking cues from classic sports models, the Hyundai Veloster could be the car of your dreams. It’s all business on the passenger’s side with a practical double door, while a single-door driver’s side keeps things feeling sporty – the ultimate ride for your side-gig.

Whether you work full-time, part-time or are retired, allow these go-to ideas to inspire your new hustle.

1. Become a rideshare driver

There’s nothing better than flexible working hours. Once you get the forms filled in and the checks done, you’re free to start driving. And what better way to put your new Hyundai Veloster to use than driving around and making money while you’re at it.

You’ve heard of Uber, but there are also smaller apps that offer a more unique service and make each journey a little more relaxed. Shebah is an all-female network of drivers and users across the country designed to make both parties feel safe and enjoy the experience. Girl power for the win!

2. Sell your clothes

Time to dig out those 80’s numbers you have hanging in the back of your wardrobe and pass them onto the next generation – and make some cash! Team up with your girlfriends and open an online store using sites like ebay or etsy, or grab a stall at the local markets. It will be the ultimate spring clean for your wardrobe.

And if you’re feeling extra creative, little DIY jobs like tie-dying can transform an old tee into a vintage lover’s treasure.

3. Rent out your spare room

Feeling a little lonely as an empty-nester and wondering what to do with that spare room or granny flat? Rent it out! Nowadays, with sites like Airbnb, Stayz and even Facebook groups, you can rent out spare rooms to travellers at the click of a button. If you live in or around a CBD, there are also sites like Spacer where you can rent out a parking space, or your garage or spare room for storage too.

It’s a super easy and quick way to earn money and meet some new and interesting people along the way. The best thing about it is that you can approve who stays and for how long.

And if room-rental works for you, why not rent out your entire house and take yourself on a quick getaway?! It’s a win-win.

4. Get paid to shop

If you tend to spare a lot of your free time perusing your local shopping centre (guilty), why not make some cash out of it? A mystery shopper is employed by an agency and sent into a store to provide invaluable customer feedback and necessary critiques. Usually payment is a small amount, or even a gift voucher, but it is a relatively easy position – especially if you’re out and about anyway.

And all the job requires is a brief shop, a purchase (that you will be reimbursed for), and a short feedback form or report. Job done!

5. Holiday house-sitting

Getting paid to look after someone’s pets? Um, yes please! House-sitting is one of the easiest ways to earn some extra cash on the side. Basically, you’re getting paid to live in someone else’s house and look after their pets and plants while they’re away. You get the entire place to yourself plus all the attention of their pets.

Sites like Aussie House Sitters and Mindahome allow you to choose exactly where you would like to house-sit – perhaps a sea change would be nice, or maybe even a rural escape.

So what are you waiting for? Get hustling!

Brought to you by Hyundai.

Featuring the style of a sporty coupe with the added practicality of a hidden third door, the all-new Hyundai Veloster‘s unique design makes it a one-of-a-kind double-sided car.

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