This is how a toothbrush can destroy your teeth

Dentists say more patients are coming in with damaged gums and sensitive teeth after brushing the wrong way.

Consider yourself a fastidious brusher? Well, dentists have warned too much pressure and quick motions could be causing more harm than good.

The Sun reports dentists are seeing a spike in patients presenting with gum problems from their electric toothbrush.

Dr Beeta Salek-Haddadi, a cosmetic dentist at Smile Solutions in London, said: “I’m seeing an increasing number of patients with abrasion cavities and gum problems after using these powerful electric gadgets in the wrong way.

“People are brushing too hard and fast with them and it’s causing damage.”

Furthermore, a study published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology says electric toothbrushes could permanently damage teeth enamel and gums, because most people don’t know how much pressure to apply.

Sydney resident Lisa Duncan says she switched from an electric toothbrush back to “the old fashioned way” after noticing her teeth would ache when she ate or drank anything hot or cold.

“I was basically consuming everything at room temperature because I would get a sharp pain in my teeth. Every time I was brushing my gums would bleed, but I thought that was a good thing. Like it was getting rid of the bad stuff.”

Lisa said she went to a dentist who explained she was actually damaging her teeth.

“He said I was applying too much pressure and the electric toothbrush was not right for me. I guess everyone is different but I have switched back to the simple brush so I can control the pressure.”

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