Get Sonia Kruger’s INSANELY toned body just in time for Summer

At 54, Sonia Kruger is kicking all kinds of fitness goals. Follow her lead to get in tip-top shape...
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A staple on TV for years, Sonia Kruger appears as strong and youthful now as the day she danced her way onto the silver screen in 1992’s Strictly Ballroom.

The Today Extra host has been burning up the floor since she was four and credits the sport for keeping her fit and toned.

Now 54, Sonia’s showing us how to obtain her guns of steel and washboard abs through her new wellness website Strictly You.

“This is not a warrior-type website where you have to lose a certain amount of weight in a certain time frame… This is more of a mix of dance, workouts and recipes,” Sonia explains of the subscription-based program.

Sonia’s site is a one-stop shop for personalised eating plans and workout videos that offer 25-minute dance routines combined with core, upper and lower-body exercises.


Sonia Kruger getting into her exercises.

(Source: Instagram/ soniakruger)

While Sonia’s always enjoyed being active, The Voice host noticed her muscles were weakening as the years went by and so teamed up with Sydney-based personal trainer Dan Adair to build strength.

With him, she aims for one to two weekly sessions of strength and resistance training.

So what are her go-to moves?

“Things like pull-downs, push-ups, pull-ups,” she says, adding that she was initially concerned about unwanted bulk.

The beauty about these compound exercises is that they’re suitable for all ages.

“The good thing with resistance training is that people always say to you as you get older you really need to do it – and it’s not just women, it’s men too because of things like osteoarthritis,” says Sonia, who finishes her workouts with a cardio session on the ski erg.

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The Voice host showing her toned body.

(Source: Instagram/soniakruger)

The mother-of-one relies on a clean-eating plan to feel healthy from the inside out – but she’s not too strict.

“I don’t follow a diet plan as such,” says Sonia, who’s learned to listen to her body.

“I try to stay away from overloading on carbs, because I know what I eat that works and the things that are really big red flags for me… like, pasta, white rice [and] bread.”

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That’s why her favourite dish, turkey bolognese, swaps out carb-heavy pasta for low-GI brown rice.

And if you know what works for your body, you don’t have to be hard on yourself all the time.

“Be good 80 per cent of the time and 20 per cent of the time have a blowout,” says Sonia.


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