EXCLUSIVE: Sonia Kruger’s exciting new announcement!

The 53-year-old is giving fans the chance to get a body just like hers.
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Whenever Sonia Kruger posts a photo of herself on Instagram, or The Voice host appears on our TV screens in a body con mini dress showing off her toned arms and killer legs, the Strictly Ballroom star is inundated with questions from fans about how she maintains her enviable figure.

Now the 53-year-old has created a brand new dance-based fitness and nutritional program, Strictly You, teaming up with some of Australia’s best choreographers, nutritionists and professional trainers, to provide fans with a one-stop-shop with everything they need to get healthy and fit, just like her.

“This is actually half the reason I did this, because people were sort of saying to me ‘What do you do? What do you eat? What workout do you do? How do you get your arms to look like that?” the star revealed to The Australian Women’s Weekly.

“Even now, if I post a picture on Instagram from The Voice I get so many questions from people about what I’m doing, what am I eating, what sort of workouts do you do, so it felt like a natural step to do this and to share it.”

It’s no surprise fans want whatever Sonia is having.

The mother-of-one, who gave birth to her daughter Maggie in 2015 with the help of IVF and a donor egg, looks fitter than ever, shimmying her lithe, muscular limbs into killer designer frocks during hosting duties on The Voice, and never looks her age when she appears on our TV screens early in the morning to host Today Extra, alongside David Campbell.

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Sonia Kruger in a Jaquemes dress on The Voice.

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The stunning blonde gives her followers an insight into her tough gym workouts.

(Image: Instagram)

So, what does the program actually entail? It’s a mixture of dance-based workouts and healthy meal plans.

The exercises can be adjusted depending on your fitness level – and even Sonia says they’ve left her feeling sore!

“I’ve been a bit sore lately! But I feel toned,” she revealed.

“If you look at most dancers, they have great physiques, they’re very athletic. So that’s why it came about in the first place.

“For me, a lot of it was to do with the fact that I was a dancer for a long time and if you do this (mimics holding up her arms in dance pose) you end up developing those muscles.”

For beginners just starting out, Sonia wants to reassure you that the routines are completely doable.

“They’re all very achievable routines and I’ve done them all multiple times, so you’re getting a good workout, but not to the point where you don’t … you know when sometimes it’s so hard that you don’t ever want to go back and do it? This is something that hopefully will motivate people to keep coming back and having a lot of fun.”

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“I’ve been a bit sore lately! But I feel toned.”

(Image: Supplied)

If the idea of dancing around your living room feels a bit strange or embarrassing, you’re not alone. But Sonia is encouraging women to embrace their inner child and to truly live out the old cliche, ‘Dance like no one is watching’.

“Somebody said to me once, ‘Once you have a child you lose the ability to dance with any degree of cool’, and it’s kind of true. You think you are cool but then you see yourself back and it’s not so cool,” Sonia joked.

“And I’m sure to a lot of the people who come along on this ride, they’ll probably look at me and go, ‘That does not look cool Sonia, but you’re having a good time so I’ll give it a crack.

“Nobody really cares how good you are, it’s just the fact that you’re moving.”

“Nobody really cares how good you are, it’s just the fact that you’re moving.”

(Image: Supplied)

As for the food, it’s simple healthy meals, but dessert is certainly not off the menu!

“I did this fantastic apple dessert yesterday. Slice up a bunch of apples, melt a couple of squares of dark chocolate, drizzle that on top, melt some peanut butter, drizzle that on top, sprinkle chopped almonds it comes within about 100 calories. But you’re eating an apple, you’re eating a little bit of chocolate, nuts which are healthy, a little bit of peanut butter,” Sonia said.

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As someone who describes herself as “not a great cook”, the recipes needed to be easy, simple and with all the mental work already done for you, by a team of qualified nutritional experts.

“Because I’m not a great cook, I’m not a natural chef in the kitchen. You know how some people are really good at that? I need someone else to think about it for me and that’s why I like it,” she said.

“All the recipes are quick, easy, under 30 minutes because people don’t have time particularly if you’re cooking for families you’ve got to be fast.”

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We’ll have what she’s having!

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