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It’s safe to say that in 2022, our health is more important than ever.

And while that does mean our focus has shifted to eating well, drinking enough water and moving our bodies regularly, there’s another part of keeping healthy and happy that’s become a priority in recent years: self-care.

We’re no longer looking at taking care of ourselves as something “selfish”, and right now, it’s something Australian women are putting at the forefront of their daily routines.

The Australian Women’s Weekly partnered with Dove to take a “temperature check” of more than 700 women, to understand how they’re currently feeling about themselves, the products they use to help boost their confidence, their non-negotiables and the self-care mantras they live by.

Here are the results.

WATCH: Dove ambassador Natalie Bassingthwaighte talks to Australian women about their self-care in the video above.

1. “I want products that help me take more time for myself”

When it comes to self-care, looking as good as we feel is one thing Australian women care about the most.

“For me, beauty and self-care, it all comes in one,” says 40-year-old Simran.

That means, picking and choosing products that not only work (because 75 per cent of you* still say that’s the defining factor when it comes to choosing your self-care products), but that leave you feeling fresh, confident and cared-for.

It’s all about creating little ‘me-time moments’ as part of every single day, something Dove ambassador Natalie Bassingthwaighte incorporates into her daily shower, with Dove’s Triple Moisturising Care Body Wash.

“It feels like I’m giving my body, mind and soul love all over,” Nat says.

Dove’s Triple Moisturising Body Wash — available in a 1.5L Refill Pouch — provides 24 hours nourishment, keeping skin healthy and feeling cared-for.

Another non-negotiable for Nat and other Australian women? Deodorant, with 48 per cent of survey respondents saying finding the right antiperspirant formula greatly improved their confidence.

“I need to smell good around other people,” says Simran.

Dove’s Advanced Care Antiperspirant includes caring ingredients like sunflower seed oil for a dose of extra moisturisation that leaves underarms feeling fresh, comfortable and cared-for.

And for the 48 per cent that said their hair care was the most important part of their beauty routine, there’s Dove’s Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner, which is especially formulated for damaged hair to leave it feeling softer and smoother, while preventing 98 per cent of daily hair damage.

Because, according to Natalie Bassingthwaighte, “when you have good hair, you feel like a million bucks!”

2. “Be kinder to my body”

Clare, 39, is a full-time working mum with a simple life mantra: looking after numero uno.

“If I look after myself, I can look after everyone else,” she says.

For her, and many other women, that means being kinder to her body by consuming really healthy food, drinking the right amount of water and getting enough sleep.

It’s also about appreciating the amazing things our body does on a daily basis and being thankful for wherever we are in our health journey.

“I check in with myself throughout the day,” says 48-year-old Karen, who adds keeping a gratitude journal has helped her feel happier and healthier in her own skin.

“Another healthy habit I have is meditating… you don’t even have to do it for very long to reap the benefits.”

For many other women, keeping their mental and emotional wellbeing in check post-pandemic is also a priority, and is part of their efforts to be more kind to themselves overall.

“I want to learn techniques to better manage my stress and help me relax,” said one survey participant.

3. “Invest in time with others”

Spending quality time with those we love — and developing healthier and happier relationships overall — is one of the three big self-care priorities for women in 2022.

In fact, 47 per cent of women surveyed* named it as their top self-care focus right now.

And it’s something Dove ambassador Natalie Bassingthwaighte is also putting first.

Dove ambassador Natalie Bassingthwaighte knows that the secret for caring for others is taking the time to care for herself, first.

“Spending quality time with people is what it’s all about,” says Nat.

“Learning about others, making changes to support others…it all makes us better, and it makes the world a better place.”

And while it seems counterintuitive, most women recognise that the key to caring for others is actually in caring for themselves, first.

“If I am happy, I’m healthy, and when I’m healthy I can do all the things I want to do — that includes looking after all the people that I love!” says Karen.

The overall takeaway? Self-care is less about being selfish, and more about giving yourself the time, space and products you need to be the very best version of you.

By caring for ourselves, not only will our confidence levels benefit, but our relationships and abilities to care for others will, too.

Brought to you by Dove.

Dove is helping Australian women feel more confident about themselves and their self-care, with products like body washes, haircare and deodorants designed to help you look and feel good, all while feeling cared-for from the very start of your day.

** Source: The Australian Women’s Weekly for Dove ‘Care Factor 2022 Survey’. 738 respondents.*

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