From 126kg to a bikini body selfie! The Biggest Loser’s Alison Braun celebrates her new body

Alison Braun wowed us back in June revealing her weight loss to Woman’s Day, and now the former Biggest Loser contestant is embracing life - starting with a bikini-ready Bali holiday.
Alison Braun

The mum-of-three decided to change the course of her life in 2008, when she weighed in at 126 kilograms.

Over seven years later, Alison has lost 66kg and now there’s no holding back!

The beloved TV contestant took to Facebook during a holiday in Bali, and Alison couldn’t be prouder of how her health has turned her life around.

“Yes I know a shameless selfie…why? Because never did I think I would ever take a pic of me in a bikini in Bali,” the bubbly blonde captioned her inspiring bikini selfie, with an inset of an image of herself at 121 kilograms.

Alison is proud of punch that she can finally enjoy life!

She continued, “I never wanted to come to Bali because at 122kg I never felt like I fitted in. I still can’t believe just how much life I missed out on!”

The 42-year-old is certainly living life to the fullest now, rocking her two-piece multi-coloured bikini for the camera.

Alison has been an inspiration to fans across the country, after talking to Woman’s Day about losing her husband Robert when he tragically committed suicide following a battle with depression.

Alison finally felt the confidence to wear her first bikini at the age of 42 during an exclusive shoot with Woman’s Day.

Despite her heartbreak, the mum to Bethany, 15, Isabella, 11, and grown-up son Jaydon continues to focus on her health, regularly sharing on Facebook that it takes continuous hard work to keep the weight off.

“When I wake up at 4.50am, my routine is turn off alarm, take Pre Trainer [supplement], have a shower [and] put on gym clothes… this is my clockwork routine everyday!” she shares.

The Biggest Loser alum’s transformation speaks for itself, proving anything is possible with some hard work!

Alison works out daily but still enjoys eating the food she loves.

The mum of three is in inspired by her kids.

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