“Shift your mindset!” Martha Kalifatidis reveals how she pulled off her lockdown transformation

''Instead of looking to punish yourself, look to nourish and better yourself''
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She’s known for her candid hot takes and influential beauty reviews, but in a new post, Martha Kalifatidis has opened up to her followers on a personal note. Sharing her recent fitness and weight loss journey, the former Married At First Sight bride spoke about struggling with keeping healthy in lockdown.

It’s a feeling many can relate to in 2021 as Australian cities move in and out of lockdown orders. With gyms closed and restrictions on how long you can be outdoors each day, it can be hard to find the motivation to keep active while staying in.

Taking to Instagram, Martha revealed she had been “horrified” and struggled with negative thoughts about her body image recently as a result of this.

Sharing a of photo of herself in a new pair of jeans, Martha wrote: “I bought these jeans at the beginning of lockdown, just the usual ‘add to cart’ purchase, got my normal size and didn’t think much of it. When they arrived…they didn’t fit.”

“I couldn’t get them over my ass. I panicked and pulled out the scales! Horrified, I weighed more than I had ever weighed or ever imagined I’d weigh in my life.”

Martha says she panicked when she couldn’t fit into these jeans.

(Image: Instagram)

The MAFS alum revealed that she had negative thoughts around her body and what she should do to drop the kilos. Instead, her boyfriend and personal trainer, Michael Brunelli, “talked her off the edge.”

Explaining she decided to take his advice for “the first time in three years” to pick herself up out of those negative feelings, Martha joined one of Michael’s 30-day Tru Fit challenges in August.

“Go to bed early – nothing productive happens after 9.30pm. Wake up at sunrise – for your hormones and mental health,” she wrote of her new routine. “30 minutes a day of exercise and 10,000 steps.”

Michael’s 30-day challenge helped Martha reach her new fitness goals.

(Image: Instagram)

Sharing videos of herself working out with Michael, Martha revealed she had completed the challenge even though she found it difficult.

“It was f—–g hard,” she admits. “To challenge myself even more I’ve now added pilates to the mix to work on my core and posture, or lack thereof.”

“If you feel helpless or you’re the least fit you’ve ever been in your life, it’s ok. Shift your mindset,” she continued.

“Instead of looking to punish yourself, look to nourish and better yourself. Instead of thinking of it as just a salad, think of it as a favour to your body.”

“If you’re the least fit you’ve ever been in your life, it’s ok. Shift your mindset.”

(Image: Instagram)

Revealing more in her Instagram Stories, Martha told her followers that she lost 6kg in her transformation – though, she added that “Michael hates scales and thinks that it doesn’t matter what they read.”

She also added that she “feels amazing” and has “so much energy and mental clarity” since placing more attention on her fitness and being more mindful about her food choices.

But, the reality TV star also had some wise words for her followers.

“There are some things about our body we can’t change… even with diet and exercise. So the quicker you accept them and move forward the happier you’ll be,” she finished off.

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