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Whether she’s bikini-clad on the set of Summer Bay or stripping off on All New Monty, Sam Frost always looks incredible.

The 31-year-old’s self-confidence, however, hasn’t been an easy journey.

Recently, the actress revealed she’d experienced a “shift” within herself in the last year after spending much of her 20s feelings “ashamed and uncomfortable”.

“I’m not sure whether it’s because I am single again, or if it’s because I’m in my 30’s and I am tired of having to apologise for who I am. Maybe it’s because 2020 has been a real jerk of a year? I don’t know why, all I know.. I have changed,” Sam explained.

Sam showed off her amazing bod in a recent post.


Sam went on to explain that after a long battle with her self-esteem, she made turned her life around starting with a shift in focus on her health.

“I signed up to a gym and took baby steps getting back into shape. I have always been active, but never dedicated. It started with two sessions a week, and I worked my way up from up there. Now a year later, I happily go to the gym 4-5 days a week and I see a personal trainer twice a week. I am feeling really good mentally and physically,” she said.

If you’re wondering exactly how Sam gets her physique and keeps fit, the actress took to Instagram over the weekend to share her at-home workout routines.

To make things even easier, we’ve rounded them up below.

Welcome to Sam’s Gun show.


Sam Frost’s booty workout

4 sets:

20x squat jumps

20x glute bridges with a weight

12x dumbbell step-ups on chair (each leg)

12x donkey kicks (each leg)

12x single leg deadlift with a dumbbell (each leg)

(Image: Instagram)

Sam Frost’s core workout

4 sets:

12x kettlebell side bends (each side)

12x plank pull through with a kettlebell

30x Russian twists with a medicine ball

12x sit-ups and press with a medicine ball

12x hand to foot pass with an exercise ball

A cute workout buddy always helps.

(Image: Instagram)

Sam Frost’s fitness tips

Sam likes to keep on top of her fitness and health by squeezing in a general workout wherever she can.

“When I find gaps in my day I’ll go for a walk or go to the gym but every day is different for me. It’s always busy and chaotic but I love it. My schedule changes by the minute,” Sam recently told Who.

“My friends are used to me, being all over the place. They’re amazing and so kind – they understand that my timing is all over the place sometimes in the space of half an hour.”

“I try to do 20 minutes of workout every day, but realistically I do them every second day,” she revealed in 2018.

As for her day on a plate, she keeps it pretty light and healthy, sticking to whole foods and avoiding too much junk.

“I have a huge breakfast and a huge lunch. Then for dinner, I usually have a smaller portion because I don’t want to go to sleep with a full tummy,” she told Rescu.

“At work, I eat a lot in the morning because I need the energy. So in the mornings, I’ll have a banana and a scoop of nutella, then I’ll usually have a green smoothie after I finish work, because that has all the goodness in it.”

“Then for lunch, I generally just have a tuna salad or salmon salad or something similar, with chickpeas and quinoa and roast pumpkin.”

“But for dinners, I have a lot of salmons and veggies. Usually I have a very basic dinner; they’re the lightest meal I have.”

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