Lara Worthington shares the secret behind her incredible body transformation

The Aussie beauty tells all on how she got her best body ever.
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There’s no denying it – Lara Worthington is #bodygoals.

And while she’s transformed herself from a bronzed Aussie beach babe into an international style icon, her look has always been about being fit and healthy.

“Exercise is my favourite part of the day because it’s my own time,” the 31-year-old says.

“I’m not on my phone, working or thinking about anything.”

Fit and toned: Lara’s healthy lifestyle is paying dividends. (Image: Instagram / @Laraworthington)

Clearly, working out plays an important role, not only when it comes to Lara’s enviable look, but also her wellbeing.

Eating well is vital, too, she asserts.

“I feel more energetic, fit and toned,” she adds of her “mostly vegetarian/pescetarian” diet.

Lara’s fitness and diet regimen is totally working. The model mama, who’s married to Aussie actor Sam Worthington, 42, and shares two sons Rocket, four, and Racer, two, is at the top of her game career-wise.

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The mum-of-two couldn’t be looking better as she juggles kids and work. (Image: Getty)

So what does Lara do to stay in shape?

In addition to being an ambassador for Tiffany & Co, a smoking hot Lara is also currently fronting the Albus Lumen resort 20 swimwear campaign.

“My routine is all mat work. Lots of sit-ups and leg lifts at high repetition at a low weight, no more than five kilos,” she says, adding it’s something she picked up from her hubby’s personal trainer and wellness coach Rodney Johnson.

And when she travels, Lara says she only uses 5kg weights of the hotel gyms to train.

But since moving to LA from New York, she’s also gotten back into exercising outside. ‘I love outdoor activities and I run a lot,’ she explains.

“I also do Ballet Beautiful – it really works your body in a different way compared to the gym.”

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According to celeb fitness trainer James Duigan, daily workouts combined with a sensible daily eating plan like Lara’s can result in a “5kg loss in up to ten days”.

Not that the mum-of-two denies herself, either.

“I eat a lot of salad, rice, beans and bread,” the blonde beauty reveals.

And occasional treats are allowed, too.

“I love pizza,” she admits.

“That’s Sam’s favourite food, so we eat pizza at least twice a week.”

Lara’s looking better than ever – and pizza’s on the menu! Sign us up!

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