Lara Bingle celebrates her second pregnancy with a very unique tribute

She’s about to welcome another baby into her family and to mark the exciting new addition, Lara Bingle has taken part in a what she describes as a family tradition.
Lara Bingle

Forget having a baby shower!

For Lara Bingle, she’s all about something a bit more permanent.

On Tuesday the 29-year-old model, who is married to Aussie actor Sam Worthington and shares one-year-old son Rocket with him, shared a snap of her belly cast.

“It’s a ritual in my family! #bellycast,” Lara explained alongside a photo of a mold of her pregnant belly.

Many fans were quick to comment on the sweet memento.

“They look amazing painted,” one fan pointed out.

“I’ve got a belly cast of both my girls. I hung them up in their nurseries,” another explained.

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Indeed, the belly cast trend has proved popular with mothers all over the world and serves as way to remember your body during one of its most incredible times.

Mums-to-be can either get it done by a professional or do it themselves thanks to a slew of belly casting kits sold online for under $30!

Speaking recently of her second pregnancy, the blonde stunner admitted she wasn’t looking forward to giving birth.

“Knowing you have to give birth and there is no other way you can go is scary. There’s no going back, you have to go forward,” she admitted to the Tomboy Beauty blog in August.

“Now I know more than last time. And for someone who doesn’t have kids, you can’t explain it.”

Not long now until Lara, Sam and Rocket become a family of four!

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