Shapeshifters! Incredible celebrity slim-downs

These celebrities live by the mantra "your body is your temple" and their amazing weight-loss is living proof.
Mel B

These celebrities live by the mantra “your body is your temple” and their amazing weight-loss is living proof.

Despite the popularity of the five and one, kale cleanse and soup diets, these stars attribute their incredible transformations to the age old trick of exercise and healthy eating!

Aussie funny lady Julia Morris credited her weight loss all down to “no sugar, low carbs… that’s pretty much it!”

Although so many of us know that working off those pesky kilograms is no easy feat, let these celebs be an inspiration to you – because they look great!

From cricketer Shane Warne to Hollywood A-listers Kirstie Alley and Chris Pratt, these A-listers have undergone some pretty impressive make-overs, looking healthier and happier than ever before.

Check out our favourite celebrity body transformations

Mel B showed off her incredible washboard abs on Sunday as she cruised on a luxury boat in Ibiza.

Now and then: The 41-year-old Spice Girl revealed she’s lost over 13kgs after slaving away at the gym over the last few months. She wrote, “I’ve worked soooo hard for this body trust me it didn’t come easy.”

The mother-of-three credits her slimmed-down physique to saying no to alcohol and working out at the crack of dawn every day.

Taking her new bod out on the ocean for a spin, Mel was joined by her husband Stephen Belafonte as they enjoyed their European getaway with friends. It appears she’s accomplished her “mission” to “change and be the best version of myself inside and out.”

My Kitchen Rules star Manu Feildel was been spotted giving it his all during a workout in Sydney recently.

The beloved star, pictured on the right in 2012, has been hitting the gym and as a result he’s already dropped around eight kilograms. You can really see the difference in his physique!

“I never understood the form of pushing weights,” the reality star told Sunrise.

“But when you see your body change, it’s satisfying.”

Like he tells his MKR contestants, “Give it your all!” Manu clearly knows how to work it.

The hard work has been paying off! Manu stepped out recently looking much slimmer (R), and although he is a fine wine and cheese connoisseur, he attributes his slimmed-down bod to one controversial trend.

Manu’s pal and fellow MKR judge Pete Evan’s Paleo diet is the reason behind is slim down. “I’ve done a little bit of his [diet] and followed his direction a few months ago and I’ve lost seven kilos,” he told The Daily Telegraphy. Earlier in the year (L) the father-of-two was much rounder in his mid-section.

The chef showed off his recent weightloss at the AACTA awards earlier this month along side his stunning partner, Clarissa Weerasena.

Look who’s boss! Melissa McCarthy OWNED the red carpet for the LA premiere of her new flick, The Boss.

Now and then: The mum of eight-year-old Vivian and six-year-old Georgette wore a beautiful cream dress, where the knotted design highlighted her slim waistline. Melissa has completely overhauled look since her 2013 Oscar appearance (R). Now more confident, Melissa is embodying her clothing line’s philosophy, “to make women feel incredible, empowered, and special. “

“I want women to get dressed every day and feel good about themselves,” the funny woman told People a year ago.

Joining her on the red carpet was her husband-of-11-years, Ben Falcone, who wrote and directed the film. Both have transformed their bodies, looking a lot fitter compared to their 2014 red carpet appearance for Melissa’s film Tammy (R). The actress attributes the overhaul to her lifestyle, recently joking, ” No trick, nothing to tell, just super boring life. You bring it real down, you don’t do anything fun and you go to bed at 7:30 – that’s the trick.”

Also hitting the red carpet and looking very pretty in lavender lace was co-star, Kristen Bell. The 35-year-old plays the assistant to Melissa’s “boss” in the film.

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Glee’s Amber Riley also had an impressive transformation when she dropped two dress sizes!

No funny business here. Just Magda Szubanski looking fantastic! The Aussie comedienne has lost more than four dress sizes. Pictured on the left in 2014 and on the right in 2015 – the actress looks significantly more toned and we love the pop of colour with her red lip!

Christina Aguilera has undergone an incredible body transformation, reportedly losing more than 22 kilos!

Nigella Lawson

Appearing on a magazine cover this month, celebrity chef Nigella Lawson revealed she has shrunk from a size 16 to a svelte 12!

Your loss, Scott! After three babies, Kourtney Kardashian bounced back to her best, dropping more than 20 kilos.

Singer Adele stunned at the Grammy Awards after losing three dress sizes!

Alison Braun continues to wow us with her phenomenal hard work! The mum-of-three showed off the impressive results of her 66kg weight-loss looking smoking in a bright blue bikini as she prepared to snorkel the reefs in Perth. The former Biggest Loser contestant got into her first bikini exclusively with Woman’s Day back in June!

Since becoming a dad last year Hamish Blake cuts a much slimmer figure! The funny man looks happy and healthy, no doubt thanks to his gorgeous bub Sonny and beautiful wife Zoe!

WOAH! Melissa McCarthy may look a lot slimmer recently, but rest assured she still the same talented woman the whole world has come to love.

In an Instagram post Khloe Kardashian wrote,”I didn’t realize at the time how unhealthy my lifestyle actually was. People love to call me the fat one.” These days the reality star is a much fitter and happier version of herself!

Brynne Edelsten never fails to get people talking and this time it’s thanks to her brilliant weight loss! the reality star has gotten into shape since her divorce from Geoff Edelsten.

“Six months, no beer,” Chris Pratt wrote on Instagram showing of his toned bod and it was all for his art! The Jurassic World actor buffed up majorly for the leading role in the film and there’s no denying that it paid off.

James Packer is the fourth richest man in Australia, the heir to a media fortune and the boss of this country’s largest resorts, so being in fighting form is essential. Not to mention the dad-of-three is [currently wooing the ultimate diva Mariah Carey](, which is no doubt keeping him on his toes.

She grew up in the public eye, so it’s no surprise Kelly Osbourne has faced her own challenges with her weight, the 30-year-old, who looks radiant these days, is an avid spokesperson for healthy body image, “I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict, I’ll never understand that!”

Julia Morris recently told her Instagram followers that shedding the pounds was simple: “No sugar, low carbs… that’s pretty much it!”

Cher’s son Chaz Bono unveiled a drastic weight loss in 2013. He confessed to Extra TV: “I pretty much eat vegetables, meat, fruits, nuts… My birthday is the one day of the year I’ll do cake.”

There’s no argument that no matter her size Jennifer Hudson is a Goddess and for the Oscar winner, her weight loss was more about health than vanity. “I don’t want to lose any more weight, and you’re never going to see me skinny,” she told InStyle magazine.

Australia was shocked when Paulini was told that she needed to lose a few pounds on national television, but that didn’t bother the unwavering Young Diva who revealed to the Daily Telegraph, “In order to be happy with yourself, you have to look after yourself and one thing that I love to do now is just to keep healthy and fit.”

Kirstie Alley has made no secret of her struggles with weight, the 64-year-old revealed that she lost the extra pounds thanks to Jenny Craig and although the scales have fluctuated over the years for the mum-of-two, in January she told The Today Show, “this time it’s different.”

These days Ricki-Lee Coulter is healthier and fitter than ever, but for the former Australian Idol contestant her body transformation was a life style change! The 29-year-old told Body and Soul “so many people go on a diet – but for me it’s a complete lifestyle change and it’s forever.”

In 2001 Shane Warne epitomised what it meant to be an Aussie larrikin, these days though Liz Hurley’s ex keeps a much trimmer figure citing, “a hundred push-ups and sit-ups every morning,” for his epic weight loss.

She rose to fame on the reality show Jersey Shore as the outrageous party girl Snooki. More recently thought the reality star is much fitter and healthier mum-of-two who attributes her incredible body transformation to “really really wanting it.”

There was a time when Perez Hilton was the self-proclaimed queen of media, except he was over-weight and unhappy, but nowadays he is half the size! Talking to Shape the blogger revealed, “I work out seven days a week. I vary what I do. I work out in the gym Monday through Thursday, and I do Pilates Friday and Saturday. I do yoga on Sundays.”

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