Here are some quicks tips on how to lose 2 kilos every week

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Weight loss can be difficult as there are countless temptations that encourage one more chocolate or one more drink. But it is not impossible!

It is important to not be fooled by the numerous fad diets which can negatively impact your physical and mental health. There are plenty of healthy ways to lose 2 kilograms in a week and keep the weight off.

Below are some quick tips which can help achieve your weight goals.

Make your fridge colourful with fruit and vegetables.

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Swapping out foods or meals for a healthier alternative such as fruit or vegetables is a great way to reduce your daily calorie intake and ensuring you are getting the right nutrients without starving.

For example, choose one meal per day to have a base of vegetable or salad and swap out the chocolate bar for an apple. While initial cravings might be begging for a sweeter snack, overtime choosing a healthy alternative will become second nature.


Eating high-volume foods including vegetables and fruit, which contain more fibre and water and help the stomach feel full without a massive amount of calories.

For people wanting to lose weight without reducing muscle, it is important to consume the recommended amount of protein either through food or drinks. Protein has been said to support lower body fat, keep lean muscle all while feeling full.

Fruit have more nutrients than sugary foods.

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Reduce carbohydrates including white rice, processed cereals, canned fruit, doughnuts, potato chips, fries or soft drink. Eating such foods with high levels of carbs – which generally include processed foods – can create more hunger and cravings due to the increased blood sugar and insulin.

Going out and getting active has so many physical and mental health benefits.

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Do not forget to exercise! You don’t have to be an exercise junky to lose weight, but even little acts that keep you moving such as walking more than 10,000 steps per day can support your weight loss goals.

However it is important to remain consistent and organize a healthy exercise routine that suits your daily schedule. Sweating out some stress can also be a great mental health boost.

While going through a weight loss journey, it is also important to be kind to yourself and appreciate your body because it does so much for you!


How many calories should I eat to lose 2kg in a week?

Ideally aim to eat at a calorie deficit – how much depends on your daily lifestyle and weight. It is recommended people use a calculator to determine how many calories they should remove per day.

How many steps a day is needed to lose 2kg a week?

You should aim for 10,000 to 12,000 steps per day, but remember diet is key to losing weight.

Can I lose 2kg a week with intermittent fasting?

Yes. Typically people chose a period of time during the day that you will fast which will last 16 to 20 hours. The 5:2 dieting model is a popular fasting method.

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