Why Hamish Blake’s latest medical procedure is a lesson to us all

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Did you know that two in three Australians will be diagnosed with skin cancer by the time their 70 years old?

Well, it looks like Hamish Blake could’ve easily been one of them… If he hadn’t have had a skin check, that is.

“Guys I have a secret to tell you: there are several band aids on my nose,” Hamish began, launching into his usual funny-guy chit-chat.

“You would never know this if I didn’t tell you because they are skin coloured and therefore, according to the medical industry, perfectly camouflaged. But I feel it’s better to be honest.”

“I don’t just have a beautiful, natural, large, handsome, very rough textured nose. (PS get skin checks).”

Hamish isn’t the only Aussie celebrity who’s opened up about the devastating impact the sun can have on your skin.

Hugh Jackman has had as many as SIX skin cancers removed from his body in just four years, with the actor often taking to Instagram to share impassioned pleas urging people to get their skin checked, stat.

The same goes for Aussie TV personality Kylie Gillies, who used social media to show her experience with having sunspots removed from her face with a “kind of ‘chemo’ cream”.

“I realise the pic on the right LOOKS scary, but that was 2 weeks into treatment,” she wrote. “And it was able to be completely covered by makeup. I had no days off work. Even on TV.”

She went on to urge her followers to get their skin checked — before it’s too late.

“I’m sharing these ugly pics so that you know you DON’T necessarily have to get these sunspots ‘burnt’ off,” the media personality penned. “My treatment was a cream; a kind of ‘chemo’ cream. My doctor @drnatashacook realised I needed the solution to be the least invasive possible.”

She added: “If ignored, these spots can turn cancerous so I beg you not to wait… like I did. And now, 5 weeks later? There’s not even a mark.”

Haven’t had a skin cancer check in the last 12 months, book an appointment with your trusted GP or at your local skin cancer clinic now.

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