PSA: This ‘chocolate diet’ will allow you to indulge at Easter

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With the Easter holidays in full swing and treats available everywhere you look, it’s easy to see why sticking to any kind of diet can seem almost impossible.

But thankfully there’s good news for those who don’t want to overindulge over Easter – a diet that will not only allow you to eat chocolate everyday but also shed weight at the same time!

We feel you, John. (Image: Getty)

Yep, neuroscientist and Eat Chocolate, Lose Weight author Dr Will Clower says eating a little bit of chocolate before and after meals can help regulate your appetite, making it easier to control portions.

“With the little piece of wonderful, rich dark chocolate at the end of your meal, it stabilises the sugar onset into your bloodstream,” he explains.

As a result, Will says you’ll be less likely to overeat during meals while your cravings for snacks will also drop “by about a half”.

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The rules are simple. You’ll have to keep portions small and stick to dark chocolate varieties with 70 per cent cocoa or higher.

You’ll also have to forgo other snacks and other sweet treats while you’re on the diet. Keep at it for eight weeks, advises Will, for the best results.

It’s not just your waistline that benefits, either. Studies suggest eating small amounts of high-cocoa chocolate may have a range of other health benefits.

Not only has it been found to raise mood-boosting endorphins, there’s also evidence cocoa contains anti-ageing antioxidants, may reduce inflammation, lower ‘bad’ cholesterol and may even help with cognitive function.

Oh, and of course it tastes amazing. Sign us up!

So what are the best diet rules around chocolate?

  • The darker the chocolate, the better.

  • Timing is key. Eat one piece 20 minutes before lunch and dinner, and another five minutes after.

  • Keep chocolate portions small. Each piece should be no bigger than the end joint of your thumb.

  • Soft drinks are banned (including diet drinks!)

  • Consistency is everything, so you’ll have to keep this up everyday.

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