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She's beating the bloat! Fat Mum Slim talks the Activia Challenge

Good news: It's no fad diet. It's a simple food swap to help you achieve a better you.

By Danone Activia
Power woman, author and loving mum, Chantelle Ellem, aka Fat Mum Slim, has fast become one of the most real and inspiring figures for women in Australia.
Despite having more than 100k Instagram followers, an impressive blog and a book to her name, the superhero mum is open about her daily struggles as a parent, serving up honest (and seriously relatable) updates on her wellbeing. Chantelle is one of the 90 per cent* of modern-day Aussie women that admit to having regular episodes of digestive discomfort and enduring daily bloating.
"Coming out of winter, I was feeling a bit sluggish and I needed to do something for myself," says Chantelle. "I always put my kids first and I wanted to feel better and less bloated, and have better digestive comfort."
Chantelle sat down with nutritionist Michele Chevalley Hedge to talk all things gut health. Taking matters into her own hands, Chantelle decided to take up the Activia challenge to combat the bloat and help improve her digestive comfort.**

Switching up her regular breakfast for four weeks, the challenge called for Chantelle to add Activia yoghurt with no added sugar into her diet every morning. While not all yoghurts contain probiotics, Activia yoghurt contains 4.4 billion exclusive probiotics called Bifidus Actiregularis (i.e. good bacteria that makes for a happy tummy) proven to help improve digestive comfort.**
While a change in diet can be difficult to stick to, the Activia Challenge is much easier to follow: There's no need to sacrifice your occasional cheat meal, instead, it's about finding creative ways to incorporate Activia into your life. Chantelle's tip? "Switch out your breakfast for the yoghurt, add some nuts and berries and it will become something you actually look forward to."

After completing the Activia Challenge, Chantelle revealed she felt less sluggish, less bloated and more like the best version of herself. With gut health such a low priority for many Australian women on the go, the challenge simply proves that a happy tummy is achievable.
If you're tired of uncomfortable tummy bloat and discomfort, why not follow Fat Mum Slim and take part in the Activia Challenge? Easy, delicious and effective, you'll love the taste of the yoghurts and be a step closer to feeling more you.
Brought to you by Danone Activia
*Based on a quantitative survey of 1,035 nationally representative interviews of men and women aged 18-64 years
**By consuming 2 pots of Activia 125g per day during 4 weeks & maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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