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You are what you drink — what your coffee says about you

We have all heard the old saying, you are what you eat, but a new survey has revealed that you are also what you drink! Whether it's a cappuccino, flat white, latte or a long black you're craving, your coffee choice apparently reflects your personality.

It's certainly no secret that Australians love their coffee and know how they like to drink it. However, a recent study by Australian coffee chain Hudsons Coffee has now found that the type of coffee you drink could actually say a lot more about you than you may have ever realised.
Take a look at some of the suprising findings when Australia's top four coffee drinks were compared and see how you measure up!
  • Flick to the gossip and entertainment section of the newspaper
  • Spend Saturday night in a nightclub
  • Listen to dance music
  • Take public transport
  • Live in a shared house with friends or with mum and dad
  • Have between 201-300 friends on Facebook
  • Flick to the sports section of the newspaper
  • Spend Saturday night in front of the TV with a takeaway
  • Listen to pop music
  • Drive a sedan
  • Live by the beach or water
  • Have more than 500 friends on Facebook
  • Flick to the travel section of the newspaper
  • Spend Saturday night on a date
  • Listen to rock music
  • Get around in a taxi
  • Live in an apartment in the CBD
  • Have 1 – 50 friends on Facebook
  • Get their news online
  • Spend Saturday night at the cinema or theatre
  • Listen to classical or acoustic music
  • Drive a 4WD or sportscar
  • Live in a detached house in the suburbs or country
  • Have 1 – 50 friends on Facebook!
As if interstate rivalry needed more fuel on its fire, the national survey also found that which part of Australia you come from has a bearing on which coffee floats your boat. New South Welshmen are apparently most likely to reach for a cappuccino whereas their Victorian counterparts favour the latte, while coffee-lovers in Western Australia opt for the faithful flat white. Coffee-crazy Melbournians had their title challenged as Queenslanders were found to consume the most coffee in Oz while the cappuccino won out overall being named as Australia’s favourite coffee with voters who delight in extra foam and chocolate spinkles.
Australians are also becoming increasingly fussy in their drinking habits according to the Hudsons survey, with 83 percent of people only drinking fresh coffee and giving instant coffee a nudge out of the cupboard. Mark Hawthorne, co-founder of Hudsons Coffee commented, "the results show Australia is now a nation of coffee connoisseurs with more than 40 percent requesting modifications to their coffee when ordering. Whether that's soy milk, a caramel shot or a double dusting of chocolate sprinkles, Australians certainly know how they like their coffee!"

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