“Not just one… I’m missing 10 teeth,” Dave Hughes is rapidly losing teeth but he’s not worried

Holly won't be happy!
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Dave Hughes is one of Australia’s most celebrated comic talents.

His new show Hughesy, We Have A Problem is tackling the problems of everyday Australians, and create solutions – in ways only a comedian can.

Episode six of season one aired on Tuesday night and the 47-year-old host let viewers in on a little problem of his own.

His teeth are falling out, a lot of them and quickly.

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“One of my problems right now is that I am missing a number of teeth,” he said, turning the spotlight on himself.

“Not just one, two, three…I’m missing 10 teeth.”

“The human mouth only has 32 and I’m missing 10…that’s almost a third.”

Hughesy reassures viewers he’s not worried, but quickly adds that his wife, Holly, is.

“My wife is worried. She says I’m starting to look like a meth addict.”

After Holly convinced Dave to go to a dentist to have the situation looked at, it was discovered that he’s need a jaw extension before they could insert false teeth into the gaps.

It’s pretty surprising news when you remember Dave is well known for his massive toothy grin.

He put the reason for the loss of teeth down to drinking orange juice and being from the country, where he claims a loss of teeth is nothing to lose sleep over.

“When you’re from the city, you got to keep them [teeth] in your mouth your whole life.”

We can’t imagine Holly would be too happy being the punchline to the joke, but then again it’s not the first time Dave’s left her at her wits end.

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Back in October last year, Dave Hughes was a lucky bidder at The Block auctions, picking up Josh Barker and Elyse Knowles’ winning home for a cool $3.067 million.

But the surprise purchase has landed him in hot water…

Why? Well, the funnyman’s wife Holly specifically asked him to keep purchase hush-hush which obviously hasn’t happened.

“The only thing I asked was, ‘If you are going to bid can you please just do it through an advocate so we can keep it private’,” she told her husband’s co-host Kate Langbroek on their KIIS drive show.

“I didn’t think he’d end up buying it either.”

Hughesy insisted that the house was a “bargain” and would remain in the family for years as an investment, but there was no convincing his lovely wife — or his son.

Holly revealed that their son, Rafferty, eight, thought the purchase was a bit of “showing off.”

“It’s not a bargain. Raffy’s whispering people were hassling him about it at school. Raffy’s saying he feels like dad was showing off,” she said.


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