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Hughesy loses it over the Logies, George Calombaris and the Kleenex puppy

The beloved funnyman shares his very unfiltered opinion on just about everything.

By Chloe Lal
Dave Hughes is one of Australia's most celebrated comic talents.
The 46-year-old, who is known for his blunt nature, felt the stinging pain when his jokes at the Logies about Channel 7 boss Tim Worner saw him axed from an upcoming TV show.
"I’ve been in personal contact with the CEO of Seven, Tim Worner," Dave told us after the shock news.
"He actually got in touch. Tim's assured me that I’m welcome on Channel 7 and I believe that."
The Logies was filled with laughs thanks to Hughesy.
The dad-of-three has landed a pretty cushy new gig.
Hughesy has teamed up with the Kleenex Puppy and we'll let his hilarious comments do the explaining...
"Look, it’s good toilet paper and my family goes through quite a lot of it. And there were cute puppies. So that’s a pretty good fit for me."
So the beloved TV star can add works well with others... In fact, he may start bringing cute pooches with him wherever he goes.
"Everyone loves a puppy. They are a people magnet. You feel popular hanging out with a baby Labrador."
Dave is hoping fans help him #SaveKleenexPuppy
We're a little smitten with Dave's co-star!
The 46-year-old, who used to front news program The Project, touched on Masterchef's George Calombaris' simmering situation.
Dave infamously took the mickey out of him during his Logies stand-up, but tells us, "He’s a good guy and I’m absolutely fine with George!"
"What happened at the soccer, I think it was a heat of the moment thing."
Musing, "His team had just been beaten in heartbreaking fashion and then someone yelled at him at the wrong time."
"I can’t believe he was charged with assault. From the vision I saw, that looked ridiculous."
"But I’m not a lawyer or a judge!" he laughs.
The comedian is known for his sharp wit.

For now, he tells us, "There’s plenty of possibilities for the rest of the year."
He recently guest starred on Q&A and viewers went nuts. We probed to see if he'd ever do something like The Project again.
Taking a moment, he says, "Anything’s possible and I do love it. But the nightly commitment of The Project got a bit much for me… there’s certainly something in that for sure."
Dave Hughes, Charlie Pickering and Carrie Bickmore were the original hosts of The 7PM Project.

At the end of the day, Dave Hughes is a big family man and his three kids, Rafferty, eight, Sadie, six, and Tess, four, and wife Holly come first.
Having one of Australia's funniest guys as your dad isn't all that it's cracked up to be.
"Look, if they’re impressed [by my job] they’ve got a good way of hiding it."
But Dave admits the little ones have inherited his ability to crack a zinger.
"The other day my wife took the three of them to some premiere, maybe the Smurf movie, anyway apparently my six-year-old said ‘I wish dad was here’ and my wife asked why."
"She said ‘If dad was here everyone would say there’s Dave Hughes’ kids!’"
"They make me laugh!"

You're right if you think the entire family are hilarious! Dave regularly mentions his wife Holly during his skits.
"Look. I steal a lot of her material, there’s no doubt about that," he confesses.
"She features heavily in my work because she puts me in situations that are just really funny."
Adding, "We have a really good time together there’s no doubt about that!"
The pair have been married for over a decade and clearly still make each other laugh.
"We are talking to each other all day! If I’m on tour I call her 100 times a day, so much so that it actually annoys her," he quips."Constant communication is so important. We enjoy our conversations… Our battle of wits, if you will."