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"Get a sense of humour!" Dave Hughes fired from Channel 7

Australia's funnyman might not be laughing right now...

By Chloe Lal
Dave Hughes had the nation in stitches when pretty much everyone came under fire during his 2017 TV WEEK Logie Awards opening monologue.
One of the many victims of Hughesy's scathing tongue was Chief Executive Officer of Seven West Media, Tim Worner, who is currently embroiled in a cheating scandal.
Dave was set to join a new show called Behave Yourself!, which is described as a “comedy panel program featuring Australia’s best-loved comedians and celebrities competing in fun physical games.”
But the dad-of-three has since been dropped from the upcoming Seven series, reportedly because of his Tim-related gag.
The Logies was filled with laughs thanks to Hughesy but now he's paying the price.
“I was meant to be on a Channel Seven show on the weekend and I got cancelled," the 46-year-old told the Daily Telegraph.
“It’s a new panel comedy show, they took me off, they decided they wouldn’t have me on, they obviously can’t take a joke,” he added.
“I think Channel Seven should get a sense of humour basically.”
The joke, for those who've since moved on, was about former 7 staffer Amber Harrison, who is currently suing the network which is headed up Tim, as she claims she was forced to work with him despite their extramarital affair.
Amber was aware of the dig and tweeted Hughesy in the lead-up to give her okay.
"Jessica Marais... she's up for Channel 7's The Wrong Girl," Hughesy started, purposely getting the network wrong.
"Oh Channel 10, sorry. Channel 7 were working on a pilot of The Wrong Girl that was starring their CEO Tim Worner. That was more a reality show, he picked the wrong girl to mess with. It was going really well but they thought it was too expensive so they tried to cancel it."
The TV regular has since explained his decision for the joke.
“They don’t think you should do jokes about the CEO situation I suppose, that’s all I can think of, obviously that’s what I did, you just joke about what’s in the news.”
To be fair, no one is ever safe on Logies night.
Hughesy makes quips about Channel Nine executives two years prior, and this year Karl Stefanovic, Grant Denyer, Grant Hackett, Shannan Ponton, George Calombaris and The Bachelor's Richie and Alex all got a spot in the comedian's limelight.
While the entire nation was laughing, Tim was not.