7 celebrity-approved holistic therapies we’re trying ASAP

Discover the alternative treatments the world’s healthiest celebrities swear by - and how their favourite therapies could actually work for you.
Miranda Kerr

1. Miranda Kerr likes… Crystal healing

The model keeps a small rose-quartz crystal in her handbag, and uses it in her beauty range Kora Organics.

“Rose quartz encourages self-love, and can bestow compassion, forgiveness and acceptance. It’s also soothing, calming and reduces stress and tension,” says Kerr.

Crystals absorb, move and diffuse energy as they interact with your energy field, explains Judy Hall, author of Crystals. “Crystal healing utilises these frequencies to treat physiological, psychological, emotional, environmental and spiritual imbalances.”

During a session, a qualified therapist will place crystals on or around your body at specific points to restore harmony, or in complex patterns to address problems such as low self-esteem, stress, addiction and anxiety.

Every crystal offers different therapeutic benefits and you can use them for self-healing at home.

Try it if… Your mind, body or spirit seems out of balance or if you feel distressed.

2. Nicole Kidman likes… Transcendental Meditation

For 20 minutes a day, actress Nicole Kidman practises Transcendental Meditation to achieve equilibrium.

“I took it up in my early 20s and I learned the benefits,” says Kidman. “I even use a meditation app on my phone.”

Transcendental Meditation helps you to reach a state of awareness beyond what you normally experience. “There’s no need

to empty your mind,” says meditation expert Cheryl Goodman.

“Just close your eyes, sit comfortably and repeat a mantra in your head for 10 minutes.”

In some sessions you may feel restless while others are calming, but with regular practice you’ll begin to respond better to stress and gain more focus,

energy and emotional resilience.

To get started, visit a qualified teacher or try the 1 Giant Mind app.

Try it if… You have a very busy, high-stress lifestyle.

Nicole Kidman makes sure she takes 20 minutes a day to practice Transcendental Meditation.

3. Elle Macpherson likes… Acupuncture

Model Elle Macpherson is a fan of traditional Chinese medicine.

“I have a very holistic perspective on health,” says Macpherson. “I have acupuncture regularly and I see a Chinese doctor who treats

most common ailments with herbs.”

Acupuncture focuses on prevention as well as treatment. A registered acupuncturist inserts needles into points along your body’s energy channels

which encourages the flow of chi energy to maintain wellness, explains Waveny Holland from the Australian Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Association.

“It’s used for pain, migraines, injuries, stress, gynaecological conditions and a wide range of other health disorders,” she says.

Sterile, disposable needles are used and you might feel a slight sensation, depending on where the acupuncture point is. Following a session, Holland

says you may feel relaxed or experience immediate pain relief.

Try it if… You want drug-free pain relief.

4. Jennifer Hawkins likes… Deep-tissue massages

Model Jennifer Hawkins regularly schedules a therapeutic massage.

“I love to have a deep tissue massage at home at least once a week,” she says.

This style of massage is not for those who want a relaxing treatment. “Deep-tissue massage targets the tissues of the body to bring long-lasting relief from pain and tension,” explains massage therapist Dannielle Archer.

“It can be uncomfortable but a good therapist will assess your needs first and work at a level that’s right for you.”

Deep tissue massage is used for neck and shoulder tension and Archer says it’s also been shown to reduce the severity and frequency of headaches, improve posture and reduce stress, pain and joint problems.

Try it if… You’re desk-bound or have an injury, stress, muscle or joint pain.

5. Cindy Crawford likes… Infared saunas

Model Cindy Crawford is such a fan of infrared saunas she has one at home.

She says, “My homeopathic doctor suggested I get one because it’s good for detoxing. Infrared is a super-gentle, soothing, and therapeutic heat that helps me relax and improves my sleep.”

Unlike traditional saunas that heat the air, these saunas use infrared waves to heat your body directly but not the air around you. “The heat penetrates your skin so you can use a lower temperature and still sweat,” explains Saqqeira Toleafoa, director of Australian Colon Care and Healing Therapies.

This means you can enjoy comfortable, longer and more frequent sessions, she adds.

Drink plenty of water before and after a session, and if you have a health condition consult your doctor before you try it.

Try it if… You have joint pain or a sports injury, or you’d like to detox, but find saunas stifling.

Cindy Crawford, here with her daughter Kaia Gerber, says infared saunas help her sleep.

6. Gwyneth Paltrow likes… Cupping

Actress Gwyneth Paltrow was an early celebrity adopter of cupping and Chinese medicine, using it since 2004.

“Eastern medicine has a different approach than Western medicine – it’s more holistic. I have been helped tremendously by various practices that help the body heal itself.”

Originating from ancient Egypt, Greece and China, cupping gets its name from the glass cups used in the treatment. “Cupping brings chi energy and blood to the surface of the body to treat muscular aches and pains,” explains Holland.

“A vacuum is created in glass cups which are then placed upside down on your skin, creating a gentle suction.”

Although you may have seen some celebrities sporting round bruises which can be caused by a deep cupping treatment, Holland says this is discouraged as the bruises are believed to cause a chi energy blockage.

Try it if… You need relief from muscular pain.

7. Olivia Newton-John likes… Music therapy

Singer Olivia Newton-John says: “Music has always been my own therapy or healer.” And her latest CD, Liv On was created to uplift and heal people who’ve suffered loss.

Music therapy is a tool for self-expression and involves interacting with music to develop or improve social development, self-image and sensory motor skills.

A typical session can include listening, drumming, singing, songwriting, instrument playing and dancing in a group or individually.

Some classes are designed for children with developmental disorders, however programs for adults address stress management, rehabilitation and overcoming loss and trauma.

You’ll work closely with a registered music therapist who will tailor the program to you and set goals such as reducing anxiety.

Try it if… You want to express yourself creatively.

Olivia Newton-John says music therapy has been a “healer” for her.

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