7 things you didn’t know you could do with an avocado

It’s not all about the toast!

Australians love avocado.

Whether it’s smashed on a piece of rye or used as a topper for a summer salad, we just can’t get enough of the creamy fruit.

Not only is avocado tasty, it’s also extremely versatile, extending far beyond the kitchen. How so, you ask? Here, seven things you didn’t know you could do with an avocado.

1. Make avocado cakes and desserts

The rich texture and mild taste of avocado makes it a perfect base for vegan-friendly tarts or ice-cream. Perfectly paired with citrus fruits, vanilla or chocolate, creamed avocado will soak up any flavour of choice.

Forget eggs, milk and preheating the oven, a simple avo-tart only needs avocado, lime and a healthy sweetener of choice. Which means dessert for breakfast without the guilt!

2. Serve it as a substitute pasta sauce

Looking for a velvety, fresh alternative to the classic carbonara? With a little help from basil and garlic, blended avocado can be worked through your preferred pasta to create a delicious pesto.

The fruit can also be whipped with lemon, vinegar and oil to create a healthy and useful vegan-friendly mayo that can be spread on burgers and salads, or as a dipping sauce for chips.

Dinner is served! This avocado pesto pasta is lighter than a traditional carbonara. (Image: Women’s Weekly Food)

3. Pickle it

Yes, you read right: pickled avocado.

There seems to be nothing you can’t pickle and this superfood is no exception. If you have a hard avocado and don’t feel like waiting around to enjoy it, why not slice it up and brine it?

Only a few hours later, you’ll have a plump and tart avo-pickle, perfect for sandwiches or a simple healthy snack!

4. Make some healthy fries

Avocados are the perfect carb-free food, packed full of good fats, minerals and vitamins. But if you’re missing the warm comfort of your favourite fries, why not combine the two?

By deep-frying firm avocado slices — or alternatively baking them — you can have the best of both worlds: comfort food without the carbs. Win win.

5. Dye your clothes

The usefulness of avocado doesn’t just reside in the kitchen. Using the washed skins and seed of an avocado to dye clothes is a great way to utilise a product that would otherwise be wasted.

Simply boil and simmer the avocado seed and skin in a deep saucepan with water until the colour starts to seep and add your desired clothing. And if you’re not a fan of garish green, do not fear. The dye from an avocado pit and skin actually varies from an earth brown to light pink. Who knew?

From smoothies and smashed avo to desserts and clothes dye, who knew the humble avocado could be so versatile? (Image: Australian Avocados)

6. Make a face mask

Avocados are full of healthy fats, which makes them super nourishing when used topically as a face mask.

If your skin is feeling dry after winter, don’t worry about booking an expensive spa treatment, just mash up some avocado and add 1 tablespoon of honey (or 1 teaspoon of natural yoghurt depending on what you have in the pantry or fridge) and spread it onto your face using your hands.

Leave it on for about 10-15 minutes, then remove it using a face cloth and some warm water. You’ll be surprised at how soft your skin feels afterwards.

7. Grow a tree

Take your avocado obsession to the next level by growing an avocado plant from just the seed.

Clean it, submerge half of the seed in a glass of water propped up by toothpicks, and watch it sprout and grow. Before long, you’ll have an avocado sapling that can be potted.

Though it may or may not actually bear any fruit, an avocado plant has beautiful large leaves that make it a beautiful indoor plant.

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