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The best fake meats you can buy in supermarkets that taste just as good as the real thing

Vegetarians and vegans, you don't just have to rely on sides.
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As a fairly recent vegetarian, I’m not ashamed to say there are days when I miss meat.

I know, you diehard vegos and vegans are probably rolling your eyes and calling me an amateur under your breath but sometimes, you just want to taste a chicken schnitty or spaghetti bolognese.

But with more and more people around the country adopting a plant-based diet, whether it’s for ethical, environmental or simply personal reasons, meat alternatives have become a booming business.

Even fast food companies are getting behind meat-free options with Hungry Jacks launching a vegan cheeseburger this year and McDonalds due to launch a veggie option in the next few months.

Meat-free options aren’t all rubbery tofu and lentil patties though (I’d like to clarify that both tofu and lentils are delicious and if you disagree, you’ve been eating the wrong stuff).

Supermarkets are now selling products that are not only suitable for vegos and vegans they are also designed to taste and have the same texture without any harm coming to animals. Check out the options below.

WATCH: Meet the Herbivorous Butcher: The vegan butcher selling meatless-meat. Post continues after video…

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1. Quorn

Originating in the UK, Quorn is made from a natural nutritious fungus from the soil that’s fermented to produce a dough called mycoprotein. While there are some vegan options, others contain egg so they’re not totally plant-based.

Not only is Quorn rich in protein and fibre, but it’s also low in saturated fat and contains no cholesterol. It’s also better for the environment as producing mycoprotein requires less land and water than producing animal proteins.

From schnitzels, nuggets and vegan gourmet burgers through to Christmas roast options and crumbed fish-free fillets, we reckon some meat eaters probably won’t even be able to tell the difference between Quorn and the real thing.

2. Vegie Delights

Craving a classic hot dog or steaming bowl of bolognese? Vegie Delights have been providing plant-based mince, sausages, and more having recently made the commitment to go 100 per cent vegan friendly.

Made primarily with vegetable protein, Vegie Delights products can be found in the chilled, frozen and ambient health food sections in Woolworths and Coles stores and even thee time Olympic gold medallist Steph Rice is a fan!

And yes, they’re high in protein too and are fortified with important dietary vitamins and minerals such as Zinc, Iron and Vitamin B12.

3. Sunfed Meats

When we heard about Chicken-Free Chicken at first, we were eager to try it and now, the New Zealand alternative has hit Australian stores.

Made from yellow peas, CFC tastes just like chicken but has double the protein of regular chicken and triple the iron of beef. Wow! You don’t even have to change your cooking technique as it cooks in the same way chicken does. No wonder it’s been flying off the shelves in NZ!

We dare you to cook some up for the carnivores and see what they have to say.

4. The Fry Family Food Co.

What started as a passion project, the South African Fry Family have been making plant-based products that taste like meat since 1991 and now decades later, their business has boomed.

They’ve made veggie versions of meat pies, sausage rolls, beef wellingtons and nuggets from a blend of vegetable proteins which come from legumes and grains and then naturally flavoured to mimic the taste of meat. And with no meat, egg or dairy, it’s safe for vegans too.

Check out the chilled and frozen sections in your local Coles and Woolies to see what’s on offer.

5. Gardein

What do you get when Garden meets Protein? Gardein of course!

This company passionate about getting people to reduce their meat intake has products like their family-favourite chick’n strips and fish-free filets but also has a range of plant-based condiments like veganaise (vegan mayo) and vegan ranch dressing.

Ethical eating never looked so good.

6. Linda McCartney

Yes you’ve probably heard of her husband Paul, but Linda McCartney was a trailblazing vegetarian and animal rights activist who once said: “If slaughterhouses had glass walls the whole world would be vegetarian.”

Years later, her legacy has continued with her own vegetarian and vegan food brand that’s spread across the seas landing here in Australia. You can buy Linda’s pies, sausages and savoury pastries in the frozen sections of leading supermarkets, the perfect, cruelty-free comfort food.

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