Alex Nation’s plastic surgery confession after mum body struggles: “I was incredibly insecure about them!”

Insecurities led her to a plastic surgeon's office.
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The Bachelor’s Alexandra Nation has confessed she considered plastic surgery after giving birth because she struggled so much with her postpartum body image.

Opening up about the experience on Instagram, the mum of two revealed her first pregnancy and breastfeeding had a huge impact on her body – especially her breasts.

Insecurities around her chest led her to a plastic surgeon’s office, where she had a consult about getting a boob job.

Alex has opened up about inseurities after giving birth twice.

(Image: Instagram)

“I was incredibly insecure about them! I decided to give myself some time to learn to love them again and if I couldn’t get past it, I’d get them done,” she wrote on Instagram.

She decided against the surgery after a few months passed and she learned to love them again, but that changed after her second child, Maxwell.

“There is quite a significant amount of change in them this time. They just feel like loose, stretchy skin,” she continued.

“Some days I look at them in the mirror and start spiralling. Other days I’m like ‘Alex, they are beautiful and look how well they’ve served you and your babies.”

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The reality star cheekily added that partner Carson Jory “is obsessed with” her boobs regardless of how motherhood has changed them.

“He is constantly telling me how beautiful he thinks they are,” Alex revealed.

“And whilst that does make me feel good at the time, I’m pretty quick to go back to feeling insecure about them.”

So does this mean Alex will be going under the knife soon? Despite her insecurities, she’s decided she doesn’t want to “go down the path of augmentation”.

Alex during her second pregnancy and after giving birth to second son Maxwell.

(Image: Instagram)

Instead the proud mum is continuing on her journey of self-love and acceptance, and for her that means accepting her post-baby boobs exactly as they are.

This isn’t the first time Alex has spoken about how pregnancy and motherhood has affected her body and the impact that can have on her mental health and body image.

In February she hit out at trolls who shamed her for slimming down after giving birth to son Maxwell.

“The amount of negative/nasty comments and private messages that I have received about my body is disappointing,” she wrote in a lengthy statement at the time.

“I’m not mad, I’m not hurt. I’m disappointed that in 2022 women are still picking apart each others appearances. Still shaming each other for being too thin, too fat, too muscly, too curvy.”

The Bachelor icon is known for her candid take on motherhood, body image and sexual wellness online and we’re sure that won’t be changing any time soon.

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