These affordable winter coats are as snuggly as a lounge robe as we delve into a world of working between home and the office

Dressing gowns as streetwear or streetwear as dressing gowns? We're sold, whichever way you want to look at it.

By Jess Pullar
Australia really knows how to adapt.
Yes, in a world where the #StayHome hashtag has become as commonly used as #ThrowbackThursday, and where our go-to OOTD's now consist of pyjama pants and semi-presentable tees (from the shoulders up, at least), we've become very well equipped to work from home.
So well equipped in fact, that the thought of going back to the office is actually a little confronting to think about.
But whether you've been thinking about it or not, a gradual return to the workplace seems to be on the imminent horizon (provided the government's three step plan keeps things in check), and for many of us, only one thing has come to mind.
What on earth will we wear?!
It would be safe to say the last two and a half months have seen a wardrobe upheaval none of us were expecting.
Honestly, who hasn't very happily thrown aside their stiff denims and carefully pressed shirts for a wardrobe of leggings, joggers, hoodies and plain white tees?
It's a serendipitous silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic, and one that we'll be thankful for, as we attempt to transition back into the real world and as things slowly creep back into normality (or as normal as a socially distanced world allows).
Meghan Markle knows a thing or two about cosy winter coats... (Getty)
That said, there might be a few tweaks you'll be making to your wardrobe over the coming weeks and months as workplaces slowly begin reintroducing people back to the office.
Of course, exactly what this looks like is yet to be determined, but it's highly likely we can look forward to a mix of working from home, as well as emerging from our abodes to work in the office in the months ahead.

And as winter's embrace takes us by storm (no pun intended), coats are on the mind.
Only this year, your annual coat shop might look a little different when you factor in the probability that you'll be spending some days without really needing to leave your house.
So in a world where at-home comfort, but presentable office-wear is going to be our new go-between, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and find coats that will double as a chic coat as well as retaining that cosy dressing-gown feel.
Keep scrolling for our favourite buys.