Suddenly obsessed with all things knitted? You've got this viral trend to thank for it

Working-from-home uniform - and beyond.

By Jess Pullar
They do say all good things come to an end, and the slogan rings true year after year when summer begrudgingly pushes its final rays of warmth and that undeniable chill decides it's finally ready for a full-blown takeover.
And while many of us struggle greatly with winter's rather cooler atmosphere, there is a silver lining - and it brings all the good things for fashion enthusiasts.
Yep, our winter wardrobes practically scream with possibility - and one thing always reigns supreme - knits.
In 2019, a not-so-subtle appearance from the one and only Katie Holmes started a winter movement in the knit department - the humble cashmere bra and cardi set.
Yes, she went there. Wearing a $700 knitted grey bralette and matching cardi like it was no big deal sent the fashion world into a spin.
It wasn't long before brands were recreating the look (albeit in slightly more affordable versions), and watching them sell like hot cakes.

And in case you missed it, Meghan Markle is also a big fan of the humble chucky knit jumper, but making it fashion in-between. (Instagram)
Of course, there was one little problem for us folk Down Under - as the knitted ensembles went full-blown gang-busters in store, we were experiencing the kind of weather that put even the thought of a knit at the absolute back of our minds.
That's why we can't help but celebrate as that undeniable crisp air hits us this season - it's Australia's time to shine in the knit department, and you can bet we've got our eyes firmly placed on embracing the wooly trend.
There's also a raging positive for us as global seasonal trends reach us a little later than the rest of the world.
Our talented creatives in the Southern Hemisphere have all the time to prep, primp and perfect the styles ahead of when we'll be reaching for them.
Which is exactly why now is quite literally the best time to hit 'add to cart'.
Australian and New Zealand retailer Glassons is case in point with their now-iconic range of affordable, basic knits that storm the market season after season.
This trademark Glassons knit is a winter must-have, if you ask us... (Glassons)
Aussie heritage brand Country Road is also a winner when it comes to ticking the knit box each winter.
Cotton On, Zara and Marks & Spencer are also among the easily accessible list of retailers who are producing some chic winter threads that won't break the bank.
Of course, we suggest you choose wisely - trends come and go, but a good knit can last seasons a-plenty.
So to avoid the pull of fast-fashion, and refrain from extending the bank account for another semi-similar-yet-slightly-different jumper, we rounded up the very best staple knit styles in the Australian market right now that are guaranteed to cover all bases when it comes to sweater weather.
Happy shopping.