Dolce & Pyjama time: The cutest, chicest and cosiest pj sets that'll make you feel just as glam from home

Sleepwear, streetwear - same same.

By Jess Pullar
Let's not lie to ourselves, is there anything better than the sweet feeling of pulling on a comfy set of jim jams and settling into an evening of Netflix on the couch?
We tend to think not, and after spending a lot more time indoors over the past year you could say sleepwear is the new streetwear... kinda.
It's a universal agreement that pyjamas are, quite simply, the bee's knees.
Even celebrities agree - for years A-listers have been getting on board the comfy sleep wear train and showing off their threads to the masses.
And yes, even the likes of Meghan Markle, who is now known for her ultra modest, yet chic ensembles was a big fan of the pyjama selfie back in the day.
Meghan's now defunct Instagram account from before she became a royal was filled with pyjama and loungewear gems. (Instagram)
We're getting serious post-senior-royal LA life vibes here! (Instagram)
Of course, it's not always the greatest for our mental health and well being to remain cooped up indoors all day in your PJs - but hell, if you want to wear your pyjamas anywhere and everywhere (Zoom calls et al.) we most definitely are not here to stop you.
In fact, we'll downright celebrate it - especially when you consider the seriously chic styles of sleep wear Australian brands are putting on the table for us.
Keep scrolling as we look at the best, cosiest and chicest pyjamas available to buy online in Australia.