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EXCLUSIVE: Celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson names Bec Judd as the "Meghan Markle of Aussie fashion" for this surprising similarity

The Bec effect.

By Jess Pullar
When it comes to fashion, there's no trail blazer quite like Meghan Markle... or is there?
According to respected Australian celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson, there is another prominent Aussie who could give her a run for her money, and her daring fashion choices are just the beginning.
Enter Bec Judd, mum-of-four, wife of famed AFL player Chris Judd, and an undisputed affiliate within Australia's fashionable elite.
And whether you agree or not, there is something about Bec that couldn't be more similar to the new royal mum Meghan - and it's all down to one powerful factor - moving product.
"Everything Bec wears sells out," says Lana, who has styled Bec on multiple occassions.
"We saw it happen with her own Jaggad range, and once I put her in a Rebecca Valance dress with a bow, it's had to be recut that many times!"
The scenario sounds rather familiar to the influence Markle has had on the masses (albeit on a larger global scale).
In fact, it's even gone so far as to be branded its own name - the 'Meghan Effect', whereby fellow fashion enthusiasts flock to buy whatever Markle steps out wearing.
The sensation has caused designer websites to crash, as well as selling out lines upon lines of clothing items within minutes.
While on her Australian tour in October 2018, Markle stepped out in a stunning dress by homegrown designer Dion Lee. Within the hour, his entire website had crashed due to the influx of traffic.
"It's a whole other level [of attention]. I can't say our website has ever crashed as a result of anyone wearing our clothes," Lee said at the time.
Lana Wilkinson (left) says her client and close pal Bec is the "Meghan Markle of Australian fashion" (Instagram / @lanawilkinson)
And according to fashion guru Lana, the same could be said for Bec.
"She's someone that moves product," Wilkinson explained, before adding: "Because shes so current and thinks about what she's doing, she moves it - and I love what she stands for.
Wilkinson has dressed a host of influential Australian fashionistas over her time, including Elyse Knowles and Nadia Bartel, so it's a big call to pin-point Bec above them all!
Bec and Nadia Bartel are among Lana's list of fashionable clientele. (Instagram / @becjudd)
The proof is indeed in the pudding - along with the Rebecca Valance bow dress, Lana recalls a purple Alice McCall dress needing to be recut four different times due to its demand after Bec stepped out wearing it.
And it's nothing new for the stylish mum - often taking to her Instagram to post what she's wearing, Bec wears garments of all price ranges.
When she was pregnant with her twins in 2016, Bec posted a picture of herself wearing a gorgeous off-shoulder stripey dress from Country Road.
The dress sold out so quickly that the company restocked the dress especially, with many coining it the 'Bec Judd dress'!
Bec's stripey Country Road number sold out quick smart. (Instagram / @becjudd)
Bec's flair for fashion when it comes to racing season is also next to none.
The brunette beauty has been known to wear some bold and brave styles at the races.
On Derby Day in Melbourne last year, Bec wore a breathtaking black and white gown with tulle detailing - a sure fire way to catapult into the best-dressed lists!

And racing fashion isn't just confined to the warmer months, as Wilkinson proves.
In fact, you might already be familiar with the Brisbane Winter Racing Carnival - which is currently underway in Brisbane.
Lana herself is attending the Treasury Brisbane Ladies' Oaks Day on Saturday, June 1, and you can bet there'll be fashion to compete with Meghan and her fellow royal affiliates!
"When it comes to nailing the royal look, it comes down to accessories," Lana explains.
"It might be that you're adding an extra shirt or a cool bag to style it up - it doesn't have to be about buying a whole new wardrobe."
Lana is excited to inject some colour into our winter wardrobes. (Instagram / @lanawilkinson)
As for other key trends this year, Lana is content in the fact that bright and bold colours are in - meaning that our usually dull winter wardrobes are about to get a vibrant boost.
"We saw it on the runways at Fashion Week this year - so many yellows, reds, and bold pinks."
She added: "There's also a lot of print, and a nod to the 80s and 90s... As far as standing out this season, that won't be an issue!"
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