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What a banger! Bed Judd's guide to breezy sleepwear

The stunning mama just dropped a truth bomb.

By Chloe Lal
If you're going to take fashion advice from anyone, Bec Judd is your go-to girl.
The brunette beauty, who is married to retired AFL player Chris Judd and mum to twins Tom and Darcy, five-year-old son Oscar and two-year-old daughter Billie, is always atop of the best dressed lists.Taking the conversation off the red carpet and to the bedroom, the stunning 34-year-old is spilling her secrets on how to feel good while sleeping. And her tips are certainly very unheard of!
Bec was chatting to co-hosts Monty Dimond and Yumi Stynes on their KIIS FM's The 3pm Pick Up show, when she revealed that she sleeps in G-string because she "doesn't feel it."
It's a tough gig, but we think Chris is OK with his wife's choice of sleepwear...
"It's like wearing a watch. For the first day or two, you feel it but then after that, you don't feel it at all. I always sleep in G-strings."
In fact, Bec has a PSA for the different types of underwear, admitting that most can be annoying.
"Today I'm wearing a Brazilian undie. Not quite a full brief but not quite a G and these, I understand, are so annoying."
"They kind of creep up your bum and they don't quite cover your bum, so you always feel it."
Bec Judd is beloved for her no filter approach to life.
However the G-string advocate does have her limits...
Wearing smalls that you can't feel doesn't mean wearing nothing is acceptable. The red carpet regular admitted that she cannot grasp the concept of going sans briefs.
"Pantless? How can anyone go pantless? (I have) never – it is such a risk," she gasped to her co-hosts.
"This is a bit TMI but there's stuff going on down there at all times of the month."
"How do you absorb moisture is what I'm getting at!"
You are the people's voice of reason Bec Judd, and we salute you for your brave undie confession.