Bec Judd jokes about having her hands full as she holds her twins

The stunning presenter isn't afraid to poke fun of the constant comments she receives about having two twin boys!

By Chloe Lal
Being a new mum, it's only natural people that comment on your cute new bundle of joy.
And for Bec Judd, those compliments seem to be flowing in twice as much.
On Monday, the 33-year-old posted an adorable shot of herself holding her two new sons, Tom and Darcy, while joking about having her hands full - literally!
In the touching snap, the star's cute sons rest on her shoulders as she rocks her new line of active wear, Jaggad.
"Gee luv, you've got your hands full. If I had a dollar," she penned to her some 587k followers.
It didn't take long for fans to sympathise with Bec.

"We have twins....im totally hearing you.... i hate all of those comments!" One user wrote.
"I've got twins. Don't worry you'll get all the annoying twin comments, like "double trouble", hate that comment," another added.
"Just say to them 'if you think my hands are full you should see my heart,'" one well wisher sweetly mused.
While the Nine weather presenter is keeping busy raising her four kids, she's still found time to attend some work functions. And all while looking fabulous!
Just last week, she attended Melbourne's Landrover Polo In The City and looked phenomenal in a stunning white playsuit.
Earlier this month, Bec and her husband Chris Judd, who married in 2010, opened their home to Today’s Lisa Wilkinson.
Lisa was lucky enough to meet the twins and the couple's older children Oscar, five, and Billie, two.The Nine personality told the breakfast show host that she manages everything with a lot of help including a part-time nanny three days a week and Chris' mum, who lives just down the road.
Bec joked, "I still feel like I'm fluking it and just getting through it!"

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