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Rebecca Judd’s #NoFilter guide to motherhood

The mum-of-four talks the birds and the bees, Chris Judd’s “magic wand” and maintaining her lady garden.

By Katie Skelly
Seriously, what’s not to love about Rebecca Judd? Be it her on-point style, Instagram worthy interiors, adorable brood or oh-so-handsome husband, it’s clear to see the supermum has it all figured out.
But with four kids – Oscar, five, Billie, three, and twins Darcy and Tom, seven months – comes a few hilarious bumps in the road. Some of which Bec’s been open enough to share with the world.
Here, we look back on some of her most candid confessions about the joy (and chaos) that is motherhood.

On her birth nightmares

Many new mums would have agreed with Bec in the moments she revealed her biggest fear during delivery.
Opening up on KIIS FM’s 3pm Pick-Up show, the mother-of-four and co-host Kate Diamond were in unanimous agreement that pooing during birth was something they feared.
“You know how common it is? Ninety per cent of women poo,” Bec confessed.

On not feeling maternal

It may be surprising to learn that Bec, a loving mother-of-four, never really considered herself clucky, but speaking on Mamamia’s Hello Bump podcast, the 34-year-old reveals just that.
“When I was pregnant with Oscar I thought, ‘What am I going to do with this baby?'” she says.
“How weird is that? The person who is the least maternal in the world ends up with four bloody kids.”
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On managing her hair… down there

A ballooning tummy can sure hinder a gal’s view of her nether regions, as Bec will have us know.
“You can't see down there and trim it,” the TV presenter explained to Mamamia, adding: “because your belly is in the way.”
Thankfully, the yummy mummy has a foolproof method of ensuring her lady garden is in ship shape, even when she can’t see her feet.
“Just jump in front of a mirror or get your phone and put it on selfie mode and do a little snap down there and then you'll see what it looks like,” she tells.

On having ‘The Talk’

Explaining where babies come from is no easy feat. When the couple’s first son Oscar, five, asked his mum how his younger siblings “got in” to her tummy, Bec put it all down to magic.
“It's actually magic kisses and cuddles between mum and dad,” she recalled of her conversation with Oscar during her KIIS FM show The 3pm Pick-up recently.
Of course, things only spiralled from there. “Daddy puts the baby in your tummy with magic kisses and cuddles and he has a magic wand?” Oscar apparently asked in response, to which Bec replied: “Yes darling, daddy has a very big magic wand.”

On her “horrific” C-section

While some describe childbirth to be a euphoric experience (just ask Sarah Jessica Parker), others, like our beloved Bec, insist it’s the “the worst thing I’ve ever done”.
Opening up on her radio show once more, the mother to newborn twins got extremely candid about her caesarean delivery, saying: “It kills, it absolutely kills.”
“There’s people everywhere, there’s these bright lights, I’m about to meet my twins, it was kind of an emergency caesarean, I’d been stressed my whole pregnancy and then I’m pretty much having a panic attack, it was wild.”
Keep being you, Bec!

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