Yummy Mummies star Maria DiGeronimo refuses to wash her baby’s soiled Versace blanket

She's discovering the joys of an ever-pooping baby.
Maria DiGeronimo Yummy Mummies

We know her as the outspoken and over-the-top star of Yummy Mummies, but Maria DiGeronimo out-Yummy Mummied herself, if that’s possible!

Maria was shown having a bit of a meltdown over something ALL mums can relate to… poop!

Baby Valentina pooped on her “favourite Versace blanket” (you can’t say the kid doesn’t have taste) and Maria was appalled by the soilage situation, saying she’d have to chuck the designer blanket out.

You know, instead of chucking it in the wash.

Carlos Vannnini responded to his wife: “Calm down, It’s only sh-t! Relax. You scare the hell out of her if you scream like that.”

You can watch below:

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Valentina has already got an impressive walk-in wardrobe, that Maria showed off in an episode.

“We’ve got Versace, Burberry, Armani, every single brand you could think of. And all the shoes that match Mummy’s. You’re going to be a little princess,” her mother told the newborn.

But after the latest episode, it’s been revealed the clothes will only be worn once. When Maria’s mother Margherita visits and notices a pile of baby clothes on the lounge, she asks whether or not they need washed.

Maria responds: “No. She’s worn them. I don’t want them now. Mum, these have all been worn and she can’t wear the same thing all the time. I have so many clothes for Valentina and there’s that many to go through. I don’t need her to wear them more than once.”

Maria recently revealed to TV WEEK that she hopes to add to her brood by adopting a child.

“I’d love to have more children in the future,” Maria explains.

“We’ve thought more about adopting to be able to give a less fortunate child the opportunity of a better life.”

And she has the support 
of her family behind her.

“My family have been very supportive and Carlos is happy and proud,” Maria says. “I just want the best for my family and I want to give them all the light and happiness in the world.”

Maria has received some backlash on social media since the show has aired. However, she’s not letting the negativity get to her.

“I take on board the good advice, and politely ignore the bad,” Maria admits to TV Week. 
”I never feel pressured 
by others’ opinions or expectations.”

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