Is Yummy Mummies on Netflix scripted?

The reality show is brimming with so much drama, that some viewers have been left wondering how ‘real’ it is…

By TV Week team
Yummy Mummies is one of the most over-the-top reality TV series yet to grace our screens, and as the show hits Netflix worldwide, the cast of pregnant women are making a major impression on a whole new world of viewers.
The series, which first aired on Channel Seven in 2017, follows four expecting socialites Jane Scandizzo, Lorinska Merrington, Rachel Watts and Maria Di Geronimo.
The Melbourne crew of Jane, Lorinska and Rachel are introduced to Adelaide native Maria and, as anyone could predict, tensions rise as she tries to infiltrate and impress the clique. All while basking in the miracle of pregnancy and life, of course.
Meet the Yummy Mummies: Jane Scandizzo, Maria Di Geronimo, Lorinska Merrington, and Rachel Watts.
You get it. Four women who enjoy the finer things in life prepare for the reality of motherhood. But the dramatic nature of the show has sparked interest from new Netflix viewers about whether or not the series is scripted.
Certain elements - like the part where the venue manager for Maria's baby shower tells her about the Melbourne clique so that she invites them to her Adelaide-held baby shower – are quite obviously staged.
But when it comes to the show's personalities, wild quotes and feuds, the cast say it's all them. Really. The cast reveal to TV WEEK that when it comes to Yummy Mummies, what you see is what you get.
The Melbourne Yummy Mummies.
"The show started because I had close girlfriends who happened to be pregnant at the same time, so the producer said,'Ok, let's put some cameras in.' It was very observational," Lorinska says.
"We are all doing motherhood in our own way because we are so incredibly different and that's okay. The one thing we all have in common is we are all becoming mothers and will love our children beyond words. I can't wait for people to see my story," she says.
"It [being judged] is a possibility. But I'm positive, and focusing on the good things is my priority."
According to Maria, the tension she has with the other women is also real.
"I clash with all three," she reveals to TV WEEK, adding things did get heated onset at times. "We're all strong women with opinions and our common ground is that we are all about to become mums."
Maria is also aware that her lavish lifestyle and long list of demands is under intense scrutiny.
"Yummy Mummies doesn't show every single aspect of my life," Maria continues. "Viewers will only see snippets of situations and judge me on that but I'm aware and ready for that."
Maria says viewers only see one side of her on the show.
Meanwhile, Jane says she simply signed on for the show because she thought it would be fun.
"Hatred doesn't benefit my life in any way," she says. "I'm too busy with my children and would rather spend quality time with them."
"I am a good mum and a good person," Jane tells. "That's all that matters to me."
Jane (centre) takes a selfie with Lorinska and Rachel.
Yummy Mummies is now streaming on Netflix.

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