We discuss the big talking points on TV this week

We've got plenty of thoughts and feelings on Yummy Mummies...

By TV Week team

1. Yummy Mummies

Move over Mariah, there’s a new diva in town. 
There’s a Versace-themed baby shower, 
a Chanel beauty room and a designer walk-in-robe for bub... is Maria for real? We couldn’t help but feel sorry for her partner Carlos after watching the first ep. Fellow mum-to-be Rachel wasn’t impressed. The retail manager expressed what viewers will be thinking with some major eye rolls... Grab a copy of this week's issue for more on Yummy Mummies.

2. Australian Ninja Warrior

Swinging ropes, dizzying heights and a ticking clock makes for action-packed telly. And we 
want more! But our enthusiasm 
for Australian Ninja Warrior 
felt slightly staggered this 
week due to the lengthy introductions. Don’t get us wrong, we want to know more about the warriors eventually. But for now, we 
are all about the thrilling displays of skill, grit and determination.

3. Offspring

Lovers, sisters, co-workers – Offspring is about all kinds of relationships. But Billie (Kat Stewart) and Mick’s (Eddie Perfect) on-off and, more recently, cross-continent love saga has been a part of our lives since 2010. We’re not ready for these two to be over! Watching the pair say goodbye after all these years was a sucker-punch to the heart.

4. Here Come The Habibs

The Habibs have stepped so far past the line this season you can’t even see it anymore. From Olivia (Helen Dallimore) becoming an accidental anti-racial campaigner, to Maddie’s (Georgia Flood) African fiancé, Kanye, marrying her for a visa, it’s safe to say the envelope has been pushed. We love that this comedy isn’t afraid of taking risks – bring it on!

5. Common Sense

We’re all guilty of 
a little feisty watercooler chitchat at work. But would you want any of those moments filmed for everyone to see? Er, nope! So it’s great that we get a sneak peek into a range of workplaces and see Aussies open up about some of the biggest and toughest issues on Common Sense. The casting is top-notch: we’re already loving real estate agents Ayden and Jake, who remind us of Joey and Chandler from Friends. And how much do you want to make a booking with Nikki and Kathy to not only get your hair done, but get the latest goss too? Sign us up for more!