Yummy Mummies star Jane Scandizzo reveals her struggle to conceive

'I was bedridden for 11 months.'
Jane Scandizzo

Becoming a mother didn’t come easy to Yummy Mummies star Jane Scandizzo.

In fact, the blonde bombshell and her husband, hairdresser to the stars Joey Scandizzo, tried to conceive their first child for 18 months.

“Nothing was happening and I was just so depressed,” Jane tells TV WEEK.

“It’s just this fear inside me. It was like, ‘What if I can’t have children?’ It absolutely killed me.”

Things then went from bad to worse when Jane contracted a virus.

“I couldn’t fight it off and was in bed for 11 months,” the 34-year-old says.

“I’d get out to make dinner and hop back in. Some people don’t think chronic fatigue is an illness, but that’s what I would call it.”

The now mother-of-two decided enough was enough and she needed to reclaim her health.

“I got to a point where I didn’t care about having a baby anymore,” Jane reveals.

“I just wanted my health back.”

Jane turned to yoga 
and meditation to heal her body and mind.

After just 
a month of intense sessions, she began to feel better.

Two months later, she discovered she was pregnant!

“When I fell pregnant, that was the best day of my life,” she grins.

“It seriously brings tears to my eyes 
now. That was the highlight.”

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