US Survivor host Jeff Probst reveals his dream celebrity cast

And one of them is a famous Aussie presenter.
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He’s a confessed die-hard Survivor fan and was originally tipped to host Australia’s version of the popular reality game show.

Now, we can reveal radio host Rove McManus could star in the first-ever celebrity instalment of US Survivor.

“I would love to have your man Rove [on the reality series],” US Survivor host Jeff Probst tells TV WEEK.

Jeff thinks Rove would be a sure bet.

“Rove is a big fan of the show. He has visited us on location six times. And every time he comes, he takes part in trial runs of the challenges. He’s undefeated so far.”

In fact, Jeff says if the Celebrity Survivor format is given the green light, he would go so far as to put his money on the 43-year-old from Perth to take out the competition.

“Rove would be great on the show, and could easily win,” Jeff laughs.

Chatting to TV WEEK, the 55-year-Survivor host admits they would have no shortage of A-list players if the show gets the go-ahead.

Neil and Jimmy got also make the list.

Jeff hints we could see the likes of actor Neil Patrick Harris and singer Sia.

“Over the years, I’ve had several people approach me and ask to get them on the show. And they’re the kind of people you’d want to watch,” Jeff explains.

Jimmy Fallon [the US comedian, actor and TV host] is always bugging me. But I don’t think people would let him go super-deep.

“He’s young, good looking, rich and has his own talk show – why does he need to win Survivor?”

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