Sydney socialites make a splash in the latest season of Real Housewives

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After a six-year hiatus, The Real Housewives Of Sydney is back, with the ladies feistier and more fabulous than ever.

The series follows the opulent lives and relationships of seven of Sydney’s elite: Krissy Marsh, Victoria Montano, Sally Obermeder, Dr Kate Adams, Terry Biviano, Caroline Gaultier and Nicole O’Neil.

“I was saddened to not be returning with some of the season-one cast members.”

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Krissy and Nicole are the only two of the original cast invited to return for season two, a move that makes sense to viewers who well remember the drink-throwing fights in season one.

Krissy, however, tells TV WEEK she has “mixed emotions”.

“While I would have been disappointed had I not been asked [to return to the show]; I was saddened to not be returning with some of the season-one cast members who are my good friends,” Krissy, 52, says. “It was a measured decision, and I definitely didn’t jump at the opportunity straight away.”

Krissy’s career spans the catwalk, business and charity and she’s recently made headlines for upgrading to a $30 million mansion in Double Bay in Sydney’s east with property developer husband John Marsh.

“Season two is super-fun and fabulous.”

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In season one in 2017, Nicole, 43, a former Miss Australia, was recognised for her appreciation of good manners – this season, she declares her “poise was definitely tested”.

“I saw sides of some of the women I didn’t agree with,” Nicole says. “Season two is super-fun and fabulous, but there are some spicy moments.”

Among the faces joining the franchise are fabulous socialites who are no stranger to extravagant parties and luxurious lifestyles.

With a shoe collection so large it needs its own storage unit, Terry, 48, is a famous shoe designer and “WAG” – her husband of 11 years is retired NRL footballer Anthony Minichiello.

Of Italian heritage, the “hot and fiery” new addition isn’t afraid to “say what she thinks”, which she hints is going to get her into some trouble.

“I saw sides of some of the women I didn’t agree with.”

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Terry is a noted hostess and is happy to share what she would do if she was met with cheap food and drinks at a party.

“I would eat and drink it anyway,” she says. “And if I was still hungry, I’d order pizza.”

Dr Kate Adams, known for her role on the Nine Network’s Bondi Vet and owner of the Bondi Vet Hospital, has dealt with cats in her clinic, and cattiness in her new clique.

Being “self-made, unmarried and child-free”, Kate is excited to be representing women who are “living life on their own terms” and aren’t traditional housewives.

Kate bonded most with Terry this season, as they both try to destigmatise how the public categorises women.

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“I’m trying to break the stereotypes of what single women who love cats are like, while Terry is battling to get out of the “just a WAG” box,” Kate, 40, says. “We all have these assumptions society makes about us.”

Another of the business-savvy ladies is journalist and company owner Sally. The 49-year-old CEO of wellness brand SWIISH is well acquainted with high profiles, having conducted “over 200 celebrity interviews” as an entertainment reporter for Channel Seven.

“I’ve been backstage at a Beyoncé concert and in her dressing room,” Sally says. “I once waited eight hours for Rihanna to turn up to an interview. I was on stage in Las Vegas with [illusionist] David Copperfield having scorpions crawl on me as part of his magic show – I’ve seen it all.”

After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011, Sally turned her focus to health and wellness, a journey she wants to share with viewers.

“I was a diva.”

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European firecracker Caroline isn’t ashamed to admit vanity is her driving force and is happy to let someone know if they look bad.

“I absolutely would tell them,” the 51-year-old Caroline declares. “It’s the height of rudeness to not look your best.”

After sharing the long list of the beauty treatments she’s had, she jokingly complains that “nobody tells you how expensive it is to be a woman over 40”.

Born in Prague, Caroline has lived all around the world, including Japan, where she studied sociology and philosophy.

The single mum decided to call Bondi Beach home for her and her daughters, Gigi, 18, and Aria, 15, because “of the amazing weather, stunning beaches and endless variety of fabulous restaurants and bars”.

They aren’t the traditional types of housewives.

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The final housewife to introduce, 39-year-old Victoria, owns luxury sport fashion brand Sport Luxe and is a self-proclaimed diva.

“I was a diva when it came to time [this season],” she says. “I have a strict policy of dropping off and picking up my kids from school each day, so I could only be with the girls [cast] outside those hours.”

The mother-of-two says she “flip-flopped” about doing the show, but in the end, she and financier husband Timothy Odillo Maher took the leap.

“We both decided that being part of this global franchise was a life experience worth grabbing,” she says.

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