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The Real Housewives of Sydney is coming back! Here’s the official 2023 cast

The housewives are back and they're bringing the drama!
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We better stock up on chardonnay and charcuterie boards! The Real Housewives of Sydney returns, with a whole bunch of new stars (and a few returning favourites).

The 10-part series will be released on BINGE later this year (sign up here to tune in), showcasing the luxury lifestyle these women live in the stunning city of Sydney.

The series will have all the drama from the housewives as they navigate the complexities of their friendships and personal lives.

Seven fabulous housewives are ready to make their debut (or even return) to reality TV. Get to know them:

Dr Kate Adams

THE Bondi Vet!

(Credit: Ben Symons)

Kate is a self-made entrepreneur she got into start-ups before selling them and deciding to focus solely on building up her globally famous practice, Bondi Vet Hospital.

Terry Biviano

The shoe empress.

(Credit: Ben Symons)

Terry’s the girl who gets along with just about everybody with her infectious energy and charm, she grew up in a big, Italian, close-knit family.

She’s not only an NRL WAG but she’s also created her own internationally successful shoe empire out of her love for fashion and business.

Caroline Gaultier

Vanity is her driving force.

(Credit: Ben Symons)

She was born in Prague and lived in Tokyo, Byron Bay and now calls Sydney home.

She’s a kind soul and is always feeling like the best version of herself when she looks her best.

Victoria Montano

Sporty Spice Housewife!

(Credit: Ben Symons)

Caroline is the ultimate fashionista, she’s not only a personal stylist, amateur show-jumper, and owner of Sport Luxe but she’s also a wife and mother of two.

She’s driven, stylish and it’s never a dull moment with her impeccable comedic timing.

Sally Obermeder

This former presenter is making her return to TV.

(Credit: Ben Symons)

She showcases just how she handles being a girl mum of two and how that impacts her work.

Sally has her own wellness company called Swiish which has given her life purpose after being diagnosed with breast cancer.

Krissy Marsh

Krissy is back for Season 2!

(Credit: Ben Symons)

She’s back for round 2! As we know her beauty and confidence leave a lasting impression.

Her drive is inspiring and she has had an impressive career whether it be on the catwalk, in business or in charity.

Nicole O’Neil

We have another returning housewife!

(Credit: Ben Symons)

She encapsulates timeless beauty with her Lebanese and Swedish heritage and she’s very passionate about her culture.

The former Miss Australia has lived all around the globe which is reflected by her worldview but now she’s settled in Sydney to be the best mum to her two girls.

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