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MAFS star Al Perkins turns his back on fame for “faith”

He has changed since his first shoey.
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Known to most as the ‘king of the shoey’, Al Perkins first appeared on Married at First Sight Australia and then joined Love Island Australia but now he’s leaving it all behind.

Al shared to Instagram with the caption “The Avengers: Timor Leste edition”.

(Image: Instagram)

He quit his Back to Reality podcast to focus on his faith after being known as a party boy, he’s now been focusing on participating in overseas missions for his church.

The change reportedly came after he started dating his 18-year-old girlfriend, Hope Kelesis and she has grounded him after his quick rise in fame.

Al with his new girlfriend Hope Lelesis.

(Image: Instagram)

In the meantime, Al’s former co-star on MAFS, Selina Chhaur, has taken his spot on the Back to Reality podcast with Taku Chimwaza.

Yahoo Lifestyle reported that a few weeks ago, Al had journeyed to Southeast Asia with his church to help build schools and houses.

Al Perkins shared this cute pic from his trip to East Timor in Southeast Asia.

(Image: Instagram)

“I want to use my platform more wisely and give back by doing things like this and hopefully inspire other people to do the same,” Al explained the reasoning behind his lifestyle change.

“Being here makes me realise we cannot complain at all in Australia. These kids don’t even have shoes and they’re the happiest kids I’ve ever met.”

Will we ever see Al on a red carpet again?

(Credit: Instagram)

He’s not disappearing from the spotlight for good and will most likely return for some events. However, this change is a huge shift from the Al the media and fans have come to know.

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