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Discover all the Married At First Sight Australia contestant spoilers for 2024

Who is gracing our screens in 2024?

By Emily Sturgess
While most viewers are only just getting over the 2023 season of Married At First Sight Australia, Channel Nine is already filming for 2024.
Roughly towards the end of July 2023, the network began filming the eleventh season of MAFS and the newly-wed couples have been spotted out and about on the streets of Sydney.
Fans cannot wait to see what the relationship experts have dished up in 2024. (Image: Nine)
According to some paparazzi shots, the first dinner party has been already filmed as onlookers spotted eight couples entering the filming location.
MAFS experts will know that dinner parties are where the show starts to get juicy, from feuds starting to friendships forming and tension between couples exposed.
According to the Daily Mail, one of the intruder brides starred in Home And Away. Actress Maddy Jevic was formerly known for her role as Amber Simmons in the soap series in 2020.
Maddy played Amber on Home And Away. (Image: Seven)
One of the newcomer grooms is Jayden Eynaud, brother to professional kickboxer Mitch Eynaud from the 2022 season, was spotted entering with bride, Eden Harper.
Fans should also keep a watchful eye on groom Jacob Dunkley who has already caused some controversy. Courtney, who is allegedly Jacob's ex, stated the Gold Coast-based personal trainer left her to enter the experiment.
Courtney revealed all in a comment made on The Wash's Instagram post on the day of Jacob saying "I do" to his new bride Tori Adams.
"Breaks up with me right after I met his family and he told me he loves me. Tells me it's for (a) 'work opportunity in America' only to find out he's on MAFS in Sydney," she wrote.
Meet Richard Sauerman the oldest-ever groom on MAFS! Reportedly spotted at filming by Yahoo, as the producers didn't want "another cast full of young wannabe influencers!"
The lucky woman will not only get a motivational speaker and advertising expert for 20 years dubbed 'The Brand Guy' but also a published author called Are You Living Your Resume Or Your Eulogy?
The silver fox is paired with wedding photographer Andrea Thompson, a wedding photographer dreaming of capturing her own big day. She also has 20 years plus experience in professional photography, these two are a match made in heaven!
Will Andrea balance out Richard's seriousness? (Image: Youtube/ Facebook)
Cassandra Allen is a beauty and fashion influencer looking for love!
We think Tim Calwell could be the one, managing scalable digital marketing campaigns just like she advertises her digital marketing platform...
Or maybe she could end up with Collins Christian from Perth for his perseverance, as has tried to get on MAFS for seven years now.
Note: unlike the rest of the contestants, Cassandra's Instagram isn't private, at time of writing, which is usually a sign they're about to go on MAFS. However Cassandra is still rumoured to be on the show, so we left her in the line up.
Who do you think Cassandra Allen will Marry At First Sight? (Image: Instagram, Twitter)
If Lauren Dunn looks familiar you're not wrong, as she was a former AFL WAG to Ryan Crowley as recently as July (when filming started.)
We can already tell Lauren is going to be a boss on the show, owning a PR and marketing consultancy called LCD Consulting!
Could Simon Flocco be her potential Mr Right (spotted by Daily Mail) who is also a successful entrepaneur of his dessert store 50sixone?
Who do you think Lauren Dunn will Marry At First Sight? (Image: LinkedIn)
If you're looking for a nutrionist and personal trainer, then Sara Mesa is your girl.
Could she match with Ben Walters (who was spotted at filming), a tour leader that could take Sara travelling to showcase her nutrionist expertise to the country?
Or maybe she could pair with up with Tristan Black who could be her Entertainment Manager instead?
Who do you think Sara Mesa will Marry At First Sight? (Image: LinkedIn, Instagram)
Meet Lucinda Light, the woman who officiates weddings for a living. We just hope Lucinda won't be a wedding celebrant at her own wedding!
Could Lucinda potentially end up with real estate agent Tim Smith? Those closest to him say he's in desperate need of the experts help.
Or could she end up with Jonathan McCullough, a financial advisor for over a decade? Who has been single for years...
Who do you think Lucinda Light will Marry At First Sight? (Image: Lucinda Light website, Real Estate, LinkedIn)
By the looks of the other couples, there seems to be a mixture of love, tension and awkwardness.
As to whether they will survive the experiment, we will just need to tune in next year. But considering 2023 only saw two official couples outlast the testament of time, plus a real-life couple swap with Evelyn and Duncan.
We cannot wait to see what the relationship experts have dished up.
Will the MAFS 2024 couples be more successful than 2023? (Image: Nine)

Same Sex couple?

Many media outlets have reported that a same-sex couple will appear in the upcoming season but so far, they seem to be missing.
Daily Mail photographed a man reportedly from the same-sex pairing attending the hens night but he has yet to be seen again in any new photographs from dinner parties.
Daily Mail has since confirmed that Simon Flocco was left without a husband on his wedding day after he got cold feet and allegedly fled the country and that couple will no longer be appearing on the show.
Although, this isn't the last you'll see of a same-sex couple, a whole new couple has been spotted filming at a dinner party as intruders.
Tim Smith has walked off. (Image: Real estate)

What happened to Tim Smith?

Yahoo Lifestyle released photos of Tim Smith angrily walking away while a cameraman and sound engineer followed after him.
He remained silent while storming away from the crew.
After Simon Flocco's exit from the show, will more contestants walk off?

Three new intruder couples

After the show has allegedly lost multiple couples this season, three new intruder couples have been spotted filming their weddings.
YahooLifestyle confirmed a groom is Ash Galati, a pest control worker from Melbourne.
More details to come...

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