The Block’s Josh and Elyse are upset about losing to Ronnie and Georgia: “Everything was cheap”

Josh and Elyse were devastated Ronnie and Georgia got the win in studio week.
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The Block’s Perth couple Ronnie and Georgia Caceres picked up the win last night for their studio room reveal, but there weren’t many celebrations.

Fellow contestants, including Josh Barker, 28, and Elyse Knowles, 24, felt they weren’t the deserving winners as finishing touches such as the installation of the hot water system wasn’t completed.

“Their room wasn’t finished,” Elyse says.

When Elyse later walks through the finished rooms, she has a heated response to Ronnie and Georgia’s winning space.

“Studio week was the biggest week we have had and everyone was that exhausted and then I walked in that room and was speechless I guess,” she tells TV WEEK.

“I wasn’t amazed and there wasn’t anything in there that had the wow factor and it felt like everything was cheap. It just really hurt us.”

Elyse and boyfriend Josh felt like the work their team of tradies had put in hadn’t been recognised.

“Our trades were there at 3am finishing off and we had a three-car garage to do with plaster and skirts,” she says.

Josh and Elyse and Ronnie and Georgia are fierce rivals

“And our amazing huge room with skylights. It was a huge amount of work and we were falling asleep with paint brushes in our hands – that’s how exhausted we were.”

While incredibly proud of their room and the work they’d done, Josh and Elyse add they felt there was another team who should have gotten the win – their neighbours and good mates.

“Sticks and Wombat should have won it,” Josh adds. “It was frustrating as it was about the effort that everyone had put in that they weren’t necessarily credited for.

“But at the end of the day, it comes down to the judges and what they wanted.”

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