The Block's Elyse reveals that her boyfriend Josh has a short fuse

“He can be a little snappy 
at times.”

By Erin Miller
He’s the hardworking carpenter who likes to get things done on The Block.
But according to Josh’s girlfriend Elyse, the 28-year-old has quite a temper.
“He can be a little snappy 
at times,” she declares.
Elyse’s admission comes after 
host Scott criticised Josh earlier 
in the season for being aggressive towards the model.
“Josh is so passionate about building and carpentry, it frustrates him,” Elyse, 24, continues.
“That’s the main reason he gets angry – he wants everything to be perfect and to go to plan. But on 
The Block, nothing goes to plan.
“Josh doesn’t stop until everything is 100 per cent. He’ll put even his health on the line to finish a room.”
The model has revealed that her boyfriend can be a bit of a hothead.
For his part, Josh admits 
The Block has brought out 
a different side to him.
“I’ve never been on 
a construction site where things happen so quickly,” 
he says.
“There’s no time to muck around. Every minute counts. A lot of the time, 
it’s out of your control and you’ve just got to roll with it.”
Scott had a word with Josh about the way he spoke to Elyse.
Elyse adds that lack of sleep 
hasn’t helped their relationship throughout the series.
“I miss sleep – that screws me over,” she says. “I need to get back into exercising and I need that to function.
“I’ve hardly had a chance to exercise, just running around in boots. You don’t even get a chance 
to eat properly.”

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